28th Annual Air Works Consignment Auction | Feb. 16-17-18, 2017
buying at the air works auction

2017 Air Works Consignment Auction Schedule


  • Antique Auction 10AM w/2 Crews
  • Mostly tools w/ live online-bidding on antiques via AuctionZip.com, AUCTIONEER ID# 40052.
  • Plus 1 crew on small tools


  • Consignment Auction - 9AM w/12 Crews
    This will be a full auction including logging, sawmill, woodworking*, and metalworking equipment. Two (2) rings of antiques!

*New in 2017! Live on-line bidding for some woodworking equipment valued at $5,000 and up on Fri., Feb. 17th @ Noon. Items must be consigned by 12/31/16 to be included in our special 40,000  piece mailing.


  • Consignment Auction  8:30AM w/12 Crews

We will continue selling logging, sawmill, woodworking, metalworking, and antiques (including our “collectible toy auction.”) We’ll also be sell rolling stock (lifts, etc.), power units, doors & windows, and more!

Terms and Conditions

Cash Day of Sale. Checks will be accepted as cash with proper ID.

All items are sold "As Is" unless guaranteed by the seller. Air Works Consignment Auction Ltd. acts only as an agent of the seller and assumes no responsibility for seller statements.  Buyers are encouraged to inspect items before bidding on them.  All items are to be removed from the premises by the purchaser.

In all disputed bides the decision of the auctioneer on the stand is final.

The sales price is the price recorded by the clerk on the clerking sheet at the time of the sale.  If you question this price we will endeavor to check with the clerk and the auctioneer.  However, if they don't recall the item or a difference in price, the price on the clerking sheet shall stand and you are expected to pay for the item.  A 5% buyer's premium will be added.

If you purchase an unannounced damaged item, or the wrong item, call it to the attention of the auctioneer immediately.

Purchaser assumes responsibility for items at the time of purchase (i.e., when the auctioneer declares the item sold). Do not leave items unattended.

When an item is sold the buyer is responsible for it, including damage and theft.  ITEMS LEFT ON THE LOT 10 DAYS AFTER SALE WILL BE RESOLD OR DISPOSED OF.

Be sure the clerk has your CORRECT BUYER NUMBER when you make a purchase.  Please only pay for your items.

Pay Procedure: Pay in the designated location only.  Remember, you are to pay for all purchased items before you leave the auction area.

Check Out & Loading: All vehicles must enter the auction area from the designated location.  Do not try to enter without your paid receipt or signed release.  have copy of your paid bill to check out items from the lot.  Send proof of purchase with your hauler. Double check to be sure you have the correct items numbers.  Assistance for loading heavy equipment is provided as a service to our buyers on sale day as well as Monday and Tuesday following the auction.  The lot is closed on Sunday.

It is our goal that your auction experience will be a pleasant one.  Your understanding and compliance with the above terms will help accomplish this goal.

Located at the Mt. Hope Auction Grounds, Mt. Hope Ohio.

GPS Location: 8076 SR 241 Millersburg OH 44654.