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Antique Tools & Collectibles

34th Annual Air Works Consignment Auction - Antique Division

34th Annual Air Works Consignment Auction

*Antique & Collectibles Division*

Mt Hope Auction Grounds GPS Location: 8076 SR 241 Millersburg OH 44654


Thursday, February 16th 8:30 AM – 5 Auction Crews Selling Antiques           

Fri. & Sat., February 17th & 18th 8:30 AM – 2 Crews Selling Antiques

Antique & User Tools * Blacksmithing * Butchering * Cast Iron * Book Collections * Gun Collections * Collectible Toys * Bells * Salesman Samples * Antiques & Collectibles


Thursday, February 16 | 9:30 A.M., Ring 1 | 1100 Pcs. New Holland Toys

This ring will consist of a one owner collection approx. 1100 Collectible Toys coming out of Virginia from a New Holland dealership that after many years in business has closed their doors and sold the real estate and their buildings and this was gathered out of the corners of the retail store and warehouses.

Thursday, February 16 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 2 | Cast Iron and Miniature’s/ Salesman Samples

This catalog has a vast array of of nearly 500 lots of cast iron featuring iconic brands such as Griswold, Erie, Piquaware, Wagner, Sidney, National, Iron Mountain, Wapak and Wapak Indianhead variety among others. You will find 2- no. 13 Griswold skillets, Heart and Star Waffle Iron plus the candy mold, numerous no. 12’s, 14’s and just about every size in between. There are hundreds of skillets in this catalog to choose from and several groups or set lots, along with numerous waffle irons, griddles, muffin pans, cake molds, French roll pan, bean pots, Dutch Ovens, skillet covers, sausage presses, egg skillets, chicken fryer’s, ashtrays, clothes irons and more. The second half of the session includes a special session of miniatures, models, salesman samples and toys. Items include miniature tools, sewing machines, tractor seats, hatchets, kitchen items, banks, washtubs, cannons, coffee grinder, anvils, stoves, hammers, furniture, cookware, irons, oilers, harmonicas, MORE mini anvils, Toys, farm toys, Ice Cream Freezers, model farm items, camp hatchets and more. Do not miss this session if you are into cast iron and smalls!

Thursday, February 16 | 9:00 A.M., Ring 3 | Catalogued Antique Tools, Indian Artifacts, Collectibles, Blacksmith Tools, Cast Iron, and a Fireman Memorabilia Collection.

This catalog has a nice selection of antiques from various consignors including approximately 200 hand planes from makers such as Stanley, Bedrock, Winchester, Sargent, and others including a few No. 2 planes and a sampling of just about every size and several types. The Morris Patent Scissor Plane in lot 9390D is very rare and comes with several irons. There are nearly 200 axes and hatchets including a Black Raven, Winchester, Collins, Norlund, and several broad axes. Includes dozens of drawknives, coopers’ tools, hand augers, and blacksmith tools. Blacksmith tools include clean anvils, tongs, hammers, post vises and hardy tools. Also includes chisels, hand saws, timber slicks, wrenches, spoke shaves, specialty planes, Stanley Routers, vises, barn beam drill, fros, steam whistles, corner braces, and toolboxes including a stellar Gerstner Walnut Tool Chest. This session will also include several breast drills, and other misc tools and antiques. 50 Cast Iron Waffle irons and approx 100 pieces of Griswold added in. The catalog finishes up with over 100 lots of Indian Artifacts, and a one owner collection of fire helmets and memorabilia collected over several years. 

Thursday, February 17 | 9:30 A.M., Ring 4 | Uncatalogued Antique Tools, Cast Iron, Long Handled Tools, 100s of Box lots, Vises, 100s of Axes, Blacksmithing and Misc.

100+ Axes including broad axes, fire axes, ice axes etc. 400+ Cast Iron pcs. including Griswald, Wagner and other misc. brands big and small kettles, and a variety of misc., 20+ Well Pumps & Pitcher Pumps, 20+ Vises mostly bench vises and several post vises. 20+ Lanterns including railroad, caboose light, brass lanterns and others 20+ wooden & metal barn pulleys including some very large pulleys, 100+ long handled tools including pitchforks, hay, straw & silage forks, shovels, post hole diggers, cant hooks, crosscut saws, one man saws and much more, lightning rods, weathervanes. 200+ box lots including lots of hatchets, hammers, planes, wrenches, drills, auger bits, draw knives, meat cleavers these box lots will include a wide variety of good clean user and collectible name brand tools.

Thursday, February 17 | 9:00 A.M., Ring 5 | uncatalogued Antiques, Collectibles, Primitives

This uncatalogued session will feature approx. 1000 lots of Misc. Antiques including Antique Tools, Country Store Primitives, Cast Iron, Cast Aluminum Cookware, Blacksmith Items, Anvils, Butcher Items, Railroad Items, Primitives, Hay Trolleys, Agriculture Related Items. This ring features most of our late arrival antiques, it is hard to tell what will show up.

Friday, February 17 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 2 | Antique Tools * Cast Iron * Blacksmithing * Model Engines * Salesman Samples & Miniatures * Bells & Steam Whistles * Winchester

This one-owner session includes many hard-to-find cast iron pieces and several sets to help fulfill your collection. A complete run of Wapak Indianhead skillets from no. 3-12, and over 200 pieces of quality Griswold from no. 2-14 which also includes several specialty skillets, Dutch Ovens, griddles, square skillets, skillet covers, waffle irons, mailboxes, patty bowls, scotch bowls, cake molds, oval skillets, Griswold Clock the elusive loaf pan and No. 16 Bailed handle griddle and much more. Additionally, you will find Erie, Piquaware, Wapak, Favorite, as well as some unmarked early items. There are numerous muffin pans Dutch Ovens as well. The cast iron leads into the blacksmithing session, featuring over 60 anvils of various sizes, approximately 100 tongs, and approximately 50 blacksmithing hammers. You will also find 5 forges and some forge blowers. There are over a dozen post vises and 2 dozen bench vises with names such as Wilton, Colombian and Reed among others. Anvils include great brands such as Peter Wright, Fisher, Hay Budden, and more. Lastly there are lots of hardy tools, stake anvils and other associated items. Friday Evening Session This action-packed session will offer some of the rarest items in the Air Works Auction this year. From hard-to-find toys, one of a kind salesman samples to rare steam engines, you won’t want to miss this session. We have several antique farm salesman samples from horse-drawn planters, mowers, plows and more. The steam engines in this auction are some of the hardest to find including a Colts Arms Corp Stationary Baxter Steam Engine and other unique steam powered engines. This session features an extensive Winchester advertising and sample collection as well with many hard-to-find prints and store posters. Among these items you find an extensive Coleman Lanterns Collection, several good unique tools, models, farm toys, well pumps, ice cream freezers, Cast Iron Church/ School bells, Steam whistles, Winchester flashlights & tools and more. 

Friday, February 17 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 3 | Private One Owner Collections, Steam Whistles, Antiques & Primitives, 100+ Pocket Knives, 400 +Pocket Watches, Online Bidding

This Friday Morning session is packed with loads of steam-related items, including several items from the Ervin Hershberger collection, including whistles, oilers, manuals, and more. There are several additional pieces also consigned, including Lunkenheimer and Buckeye, among others. There will be a fair amount of quality antiques as well, including several name brand tools, bee sting crock, over 100 pocket knives with iconic names such as Case XX, Ka-bar, and several other household brands, as well as some antiques that are still to be added. The session will finish out with approx. 400 pocket watches. You will find just about every name in this catalog, including Illinois, Bunn, Sangamo Elgin, and Waltham, among others ranging from 7 jewel to 23 jewel. This catalog is still being added to, so it is hard to tell what else might be added.

Friday February 17 | 9:30 A.M ., Building B | Collectible Book Auction

Book Auction, Friday only – 9:00AM A Premier book auction Featuring 400+ Lots. This select catalogued portion of the book auction includes several private collections that are in excellent condition. Highlights include several high value old German Bible, Ausbunds, Menno Simmons, Gulden Apfels and many other German books. These are high quality and from one owner.  There will also be a large number of older periodicals including Mennonite Family History, Family Life and other Amish and Mennonite publications. History books including American history, World War II.  One private collection featuring A large lot of hunting, wildlife, and adventure books; including Theodore Roosevelt, Jack O’Conner and many others. For those who enjoy outdoors and hunting this is a rare find. Consignments are still coming in. As in previous years, there will be a large number of books available.   

Saturday, February 18 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 2 | Antique User Tools & Butchering Items        Butcher tools kettles, meat slicers, stuffers, grinders including several No. 32s, huge pile of hay, straw and silage forks, axes, Yankees, Breast drills, huge selection of user tools and collector tools. There will be dealer lots.

Saturday, February 18 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 3 | Collectible Toys

300 Plus lots of Collectible Toys including brand names like John Deere, McCormick Deering, Frick, Dion, Lobsinger Bro’s, Farmall, International, New Holland, Oliver and others. Thrashing Machines, Steam Engines, lots of Tractors, Horse Drawn Equipment, farm implements, some w/teams, Wagons, lots of toy excavating equipment, Hit & Miss Engines, Pedal Tractors.

Auction Terms and Information

Auction Terms: Cash, Check or Credit Card w/valid ID. There will be a 7% buyer's premium on-site with an additional 3% for all credit card purchases. Different terms for Online bidding will apply. All items are sold “as is, where is with no warranty expressed or implied." Sales tax does apply unless exempt.

Auction Information: For complete and updated auction details, catalogs & photo’s as well as online bidding links please visit www.airworksauction.com or visit auctionzip.com auction ID 40056.   (No internet = No problem) Request full auction listings and catalogs from the Air Works Auction Office at P.O. Box 242 Kidron, OH. 44636 or Office Phone 330.749.4362.

Auctioneer Note: We are excited to invite everyone out to help us celebrate our 34th year in the auction business. We are anticipating our largest sale to date.

Unloading Schedule

Monday Feb. 13 from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.,

Tuesday & Wednesday. Feb. 14 & Feb. 15 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Thursday Morning 7:30 to 12:00 Noon (Reserved for out of state consignors)


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