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Woodworking Equipment

35th Annual Air Works Consignment Auction

35th Annual Air Works Auction

3 Day Auction

GPS Location: Mt Hope Auction Grounds; 8076 SR 241 Millersburg OH 44654

Thursday, February 15th at 9:00 AM 4+ Auction Crews

Friday, February 16th at 8:30 AM Selling in 12+ Auction Crews

Saturday, February 17th at 8:30 AM Selling in 12+ Auction Crews

Heavy Equipment * Rolling Stock * Sawmill & Pallet Equipment * Logging Equipment * Power Units * Woodworking * Metalworking * Antiques & Collectibles * Misc. Tools & Equipment

Woodworking Equipment Sells Live/Online Fri. Feb. 16th (Multiple Rings) 

Table Saws; New Oliver 10040 10in table saw w/52in fence, 115/220v, 1ph; Felders K700 sliding table saw, hyd; Altendorf F90 sliding table saw w/air clutch; Powermatic 66 table saw w/air clutch; Powermatic 66-TA table saw, 230v 3ph; Holz 14in table saw w10ft sliding table, electric; Powermatic 66 table saw, hyd; General 350 10in table saw; Powermatic 2000 10in table saw, lineshaft;  Delta 34-802 10in table saw, hyd; Grizzly 10in table saw w/36in fence; Delta 10in table saw, 230v 3ph; Delta NM-87 table saw, 220v 3ph; Panel Saws; Evans Machinery 0710 panel saw, 22v 3ph; Planers; New Stonewood ST-24AH planer, 24in spiral head w/digital readout, 230v 3ph; 2023 Zicar MB206F 2 sided planer, 24in wide, top head 7.5 hp, bottom head 5.5 hp, 230v 3ph; 2015 Boarke BKM-52103RKV 52in planer/sander, 230v 3ph; Jet JWP-15HD 15in planer, 230v 1ph; Delta 24in spiral head only for planer and matching sharpener; Powermatic 221 planer, spiral head, lineshaft;  Accura planer, 24in straight knife, lineshaft; Grizzly planer, 15in straight knife, lineshaft; Rexon RDW-168 15in planer, hyd; SCMI S63 24in planer, 220v 3ph; Jointers; New Cantek CAN-J127LH 12in jointer, 230v 3ph; New Oliver 6in jointer w/4 sided helical head, 115/230v 1ph; Bridgewood jointer, 220v 3ph; 1988 Invicta Delta 37150 6in jointer, straight knife, 230v 1ph; Gang Rip Saws; 2019 Stonewood STO-320 gang rip saw, 460v 3ph; Chop Saws; Omga TR35IVIS doyble end miter saw, 480v 3ph; 2004 Omga MEC300STUS 12in miter saw; Omga 300 miter saw, air operated; Whirlwind 1000R 14in upcut saw, 230/460v 3ph; Whirlwind 1000R 14in upcut saw, 230/460v 3ph; 1998 Omga RM900/7 16in compound double miter saw, 28in stroke, max. between blades 100in, air over hyd., 230v 3ph; Vista M20 Angle Boss upcut saw, 90 to 75 degree cut, 10 hp 3ph; Milwaukee metal chop saw & stand; Dewalt DW5780 compound miter saw; Pistorius MN-302 toe notch machine, air; Shapers; New Stonewood STO-JY-30SP 1.25in shaper w/magnetic switch, 8000 to 10,000 rpm, 220v 3ph; New Oliver 4705 shaper w/digital readout, 220/440v 3ph, 3/4in & 1.25in spindles and 4in dust port; POW-1280101C PM2700 shaper, 230v 1ph; Oliver 4705 shaper w/air clutch, 1.25in spindle;  Powermatic 27 shaper w/air clutch, 1.25in spindle; Powermatic 27 shaper, 230v 3ph; Grizzly 61026 shaper/router; Bridgewood shaper 220v 3ph; 1998 Ritter R-10 shaper; Delta 1/2in shaper, air; Delta 3/4in shaper, hyd; Delta 43-371 shaper; Bandsaws; New Stonewood STO-SBW3501D 14in bandsaw w/miter gauge; 2016 Accura 020224 24in bandsaw w/4in dust port, 230v 1ph; 2012 Wellsaw V20 vertical bandsaw w/extra blades, 20in throat, 220v 3ph; Northtec 500BS bandsaw w/air clutch; 2016 Laguna bandsaw, 230v 1ph; 2021 Delta 28-682 18in bandsaw; Oliver 2416-D bandsaw, 36in throat; Wide Belt Sanders; Cemco 43in 2-head wide belt sander, hyd; Timesaver 37in 2-head wide belt sander, hyd; Sanding Master 37in 2-head wide belt sander, 230v 3ph; Powermatic RB-37 wide belt sander, hyd; Timesaver 137-1HD60 37in wide belt sander, single head, sells off site located in IL; China made widebelt sander w/platinum single head, lineshaft; Moulders; Wadkin GA 146 6 head moulder, electric; 1995 SCMI Superset 23 5 head moulder, 440v 3ph; JICP 6 head moulder, lineshaft, set up to make flooring; Pin Routers; CR Onsrud 3026 inverted pin router, 220v 3ph; Samco pin router; Edge & Drum/Spindle Sanders; New Oliver 6303 oscillating edge sander, 6in x 89in belt, 115/230v 1ph; General 15-250MI 24in double drum sander, 220v 1ph; New combination feed through edge sander, lineshaft; Ritter edge sander, 4in x 136in, lineshaft; Oakley H5 9 x 164 oscillating edge sander, 230/460v 3ph; Whirlwind 855 edge sander, dual table w/air clutch; Accura 03525 24in drum sander, 230v 1ph; Whirlwind 700 profile sander w/tilting head, 110v; Crouch 6in edge sander, 230v 3ph; Sand-Rite drum and flutter sander, 110v; 2021 Oliver 6305.001 edge sander; Larick 151 profile sander; Grizzly edge sander, 110v; Boring Machines; New Stonewood STO-13-MLB lineborer, 13 spindle manual; 2021 Ritter R200T pocket hole machine; 2015 Kreg DK3100 air pocket hole machine; Doucet 750-6 horizontal boring machine w/6 6am air motors; Shop Fox W1669 Bener drill press, 110v; Pocket Rocket automatic pocket hole machine; Ritter R23 23 spindle line borer, air; Ritter line boring machine; Bohrmatic 21 spindle, 2 row boring machine, air; Powermatic 1100 drill press, 230v/460v 3ph; Dovetailers; 2013 Northtech DTM-1SA-DS dovetailer, electric; Mereen Johnson 1105CT/S 5 spindle CNC Dovetailer, 220v 3ph; Dodds D7303 dovetailer; Clamping Machines; Doucet SRH-20.5-8.5-160-32 clamp carrier, air and hyd; New Stonewood STO-4008 faceframe table w/3 pneumatic clamps, 4ft x 8ft; New Stonewood STO-4008 faceframe table w/4 manual clamps, 4ft x 8ft; Ritter R-300-SP assembly clamp, 72 x 102 w/6 air clamps; JLT 190A drawer clamp; JLT 79K-6-M door clamp; Glue applicator, 40in x 20ft conveyor, 440v; 1996 Ritter R-250-E 6ft x 139in face frame table, air operated; Mortise & Tenoners; 2001 Salida SK190T single spindle mortiser, 115/230v 1ph; Powermatic chisel mortiser, electric; Edgebander; 2004 Cehisa Comp4 Pro 7 edgebander, Dust Collectors; 2021 Stonewood dust collector; New Nederman baghouse; DUS-3672 sanding table, 115v; New Stonewood STO-SDC-2042K 1 bag dust collector, 115v 1ph; 2020 Stonewood STO-SOC-4045A 2 bag dust collector, 220v 1ph; King Canada single bag dust collector, 120v; 2019 Stonewood STO-SPC-2042K dust collector, 110v; 2018 Jet JDC-501 jet metal dust collector, 120v; 2017 Grizzly G0777HEP ultra quiet dual filtration heap cyclone, 120v; Delta AP400 single bag dust collector; MVM 10in inlet x 7in outlet blower; 4 skids of Nordfab 20in & 22in diameter, 22 ga, blower pipe, unused; Honeyville 14ft cyclone; Cresswood Destroyer horizontal wood grinder w/infeed, 230/460v 3ph; 3 = shaker trays, 16in x 35ft, 230/460v 3ph; 24in diameter, 16in wide rotary airlock, 220v 3ph; Shop Fox 2 bag dust collector, 220v 1ph; Jet JCTC-2 cyclone dust collector; Misc; Zander Ken400 air dryer; Weaver dado; 1994 air tank; Trav-a-dial 7A machine carriage travel readout; Delta 3 roll power feed; 3strand green chain, 7ft wide x 13ft long, 230/460v 3ph; 75 clamps for Taylor clamp carrier; 24in x 24ft roller conveyor; Kremlin MVX spray guns; Tubar heavy duty lift table, 6,000 lb. cap;


The Panel Shop division is no longer needed in the current operations of Shaum’s Chair, and will

be sold at the 35th annual Air Works Auction. Selling off -site from Woodworking Main Ring #7, 9:00 AM


Biessesand Model Regal 330-1000 - 43" Triple Head Planer Sander; Diehl Model SL-52 Straight Line Rip Saw; Doucet Model BTRS-71 Return Conveyor; Taylor 40 Section Automatic Clamp Carrier with 8 - 32" Clamps Per Section; Taylor 20"x 16' Glue Applicator; Cameron Model 35A-M5 Opti Match; Southworth 37"x 60" Electric Scissor Lift with Rollers; Northtech Model NT-610HDHC Double Sided Plane; Power Pak 32"x 72" Infeed Belt Conveyor; Eagle Machine 12'x 15' - 4 Strand Infeed Green Chain; Eagle Machine 12'x 16' - 6 Strand Opti Rip Conveyor System; Mereen - Johnson Model 424-DC 24" Gang Rip Saw; Eagle Machine 26"x 48" Outfeed Belt Conveyor. Eagle Machine 12'x 16' - 5 Strand Transfer Deck; 10"X 20' Life Roll Conveyor; Grecon Opti Chop Saw with Infeed and Outfeed Conveyor with 4 Kickers; 8"X 33' Belt Conveyor; 36"X 24' - 4 Strand Chain Conveyor. Sells Off SiteDoucet 10' Clamp Rack with 34- 32" Clamps; Mellot 20' Vibrator Conveyor; 6"X 12" Grinder; Honeyville Dust Collection System with Return Air; Complete Dust Collection Pipe Setup in Panel Shop; Clark Model CGP 30 Forklift 5000Lbs. Capacity; Benel Seat Scooper; Mcknight Model NO.1E Seat Scooper; Doucet Model SM-6-7.5 - 10' Clamp Rack with 20 - 49" Clamps; Gardner Denver Model ELC99A - 20hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor; Champion 15hp Air Compressor; Air Tak Model D-100-A Air Dryer with Air Tank; Ashland 36"x20' Roll Conveyor 1 Side Has a Slight Bend on the End; 2= Ashland 36"x10' Roll Conveyor; Ashland 36"x7' Roll Conveyor; Blue Giant 48"x 72" 4000 Lbs. Capacity Electric Scissor Lift; 3 = Vestil Model P-HOP-1 Self Dumping Hopper On Casters3 = Hercules 2200 Lbs. Capacity Scissor High Lift Pallet Jack; Shop Built Pneumatic Drum Sander;

*Selling 2 Days*. (Dealers and Wholesalers look-in.) New Tools; Including brands like Irwin, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Snap On, Vise Grip, Diablo, Morse, Norton and others. Includes (all new) vise grips, chalk lines, chalk, C-clamps, vises, levels, socket sets, wrench sets, bar clamps, sandpaper, sanding belts, coolers, hole saws, cordless drills, floor jacks, hand saws, hole saws, pliers, helmets, router bits, welding wire, reflective safety coats, drill bits, saw blades, cement blades, caution flags, bandsaw blades, including 85 skids of tools, gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. This consignment comes from a Distribution Warehouse Liquidation. We will sell this stuff individually and in bulk lots

Brand New DeWalt, Milwaukee & Makita Tools: We will have another very nice line-up of DeWalt cordless power tools to sell including some of the latest and greatest models and tools that DeWalt has to offer with all warranties intact. We will also have lots of new Milwaukee and Makita tools to sell in these sessions as well.

New Sioux Air Tools: Another nice consignment of Sioux Tools including new tools, demos & salesmen’s samples, of grinders, sanders, drills, riveters, chisels, impact wrenches, impact drivers, screwdrivers and more.


Auction Terms and Information

Auction Terms: Cash, Check or Credit Card w/valid ID. There will be a 7.5% buyer's premium on-site with an additional 3% for all credit card purchases. Different terms for Online bidding will apply. All items are sold “as is, where is with no warranty expressed or implied." Sales tax does apply unless exempt.

Auction Information: For complete and updated auction details, catalogs & photo’s as well as online bidding links please visit www.airworksauction.com or visit auctionzip.com auction ID 40056.   (No internet = No problem) Request full auction listings and catalogs from the Air Works Auction Office at P.O. Box 242 Kidron, OH. 44636 or Office Phone 330.749.4362.

Auctioneer Note: We are excited to invite everyone out to help us celebrate our 35th year in the auction business. We are anticipating our largest sale to date.

Unloading Schedule

Monday Feb. 12 from 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.,

Tuesday & Wednesday. Feb. 13 & Feb. 14 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Thursday Morning 7:30 to 12:00 Noon (Reserved for out of state consignors)


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