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Antique Tools & Collectibles

31st Annual Air Works Consignment Auction

GPS Location: Mt Hope Auction Grounds; 8076 SR 241 Millersburg. OH 44654

  • Antique & User Tools 
  • 1200+ Lots of Cast Iron 
  • 500+ Watches & Clocks 
  • Blacksmithing & Butchering 
  • Book Collection 
  • Collectible Toys 
  • 200 Pc Salesman Sample Collection


Thursday, February 13 | 9:00 A.M., Ring 2 | Antique Tools, Misc. Collectibles & Cast Iron

  •  Antique Tools: Featuring the collection of Jeff Joughin and Joughin’s hardware of Painesville Ohio. Jeff is the fourth-generation owner of this 143 year old hardware and the collection consists of many boxed and new old stock (NOS) items as well as an extensive list of Stanley, Miller’s Falls and Keen Kutter items. The Stanley list includes #’s 1-8,10,11,20,45,46, 55, 78, 144, 444 and Bedrocks plus many more. Along with knives, braces, drills, bits, salesman samples, steam whistles, anvils, edge tools, hardies etc.
  • Misc. Collectibles: 75+ group lots of Indian Artifacts, 40+ Ag. related signs, antique tools and more.
  • Collection of Cast Iron: 500 lots including brand names like Griswald, Wagner, Lodge, Wapak, Favorite and others. Includes skillets, dutch ovens, griddle waffle irons, cake molds, three leg kettles, mail-boxes, food chopper, corn stick, 50 plus kids toys. Highlights include a Griswold santa, rabbit, & lamb cake molds, #270 Griswold cornstick pan w/pat., #877 loaf pan, #14 skillet, #11-717 smoke ring, #10-180 dutch oven, #108-201 skillet/griddle, Wagner twin waffle iron, 3 - #12 Wagner skillets, #1103 Wagner bacon fryer, #9 Oval roaster. Kids toys; Griswold # 3 leg kettle, #2 tea kettle, #262 tea-size corn stick pan. (This sale has 2 one owner collections of cast iron over 1000 pieces in 2 days.)

Thursday, February 13 | 10:00 Ring 3 | Antique Tools, User Tools, 200+ Lots of Cast Iron

  •  Cast Iron Session; This Uncatalogued Session will feature 200+ lots out of the collection referenced above along with a few late arrival consignments. Following cast iron, we will sell
  • Antique & User Tools; featuring a 1000+ lots of user tools and collectibles. Brands like Stanley, Miller Falls, Keen Kutter, Crescent, Starret, Ford, Case, IH and many more. 100+ hand braces, auger bits, hatchets & broad axes, 200+ hammers, 300+ wrenches, vintage screwdrivers, 120+ tractor, wagon & farm tools, 40+ planes, rare circa 1850 Sanderson block plane, plumb bobs, chisels, bench vises and anvils. Will sell a lot of bulk/group lots in this session.

Thursday, February 13 | 9:30 A.M., Ring 4 | Uncatalogued Misc. Antiques & Collectibles

This uncatalogued session will feature approx. 1000 lots Antiques, Collectibles & Primitives including Antique Tools, Books, Blacksmith Items, Anvils, Butcher Items, Railroad Items, Primitives, Hay Trolleys, Agriculture Related Items. It is hard to tell what all will show up in this ring since it features most of our late arrival antiques. Leslie triple chime train horn.

Friday, February 14 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 2 | 200+ Pocket Watches & Clocks, Books

We have over 200 pocket watches on Friday and 200 more on Saturday. including brands like Elgin, Waltham, Hamilton, Hampden, Illinois, and many others. A few highlights include; Am. Waltham, Vanguard 23J, 16S, 8pos., (1904), Elgin Father Time 21J, 16S, LS, 5 Pos., (1918), Hamilton 992B 21J, 16S, LS, 6 Pos., (1944), Ball Watch Co. Elgin Commercial Standard Model 327 C 16J, 18S, LS, (1905), 75+ Elgin and 25+ Waltham and more coming in. Nice set of 31 day wall and mantle clocks.

E & M Rare Book Collection – Catalogued Sale @ 1:00 P.M. 1000’s of books with many group lots of Westerns, Zane Grey, Horatio Alger, juvenile books and others. A 1743 Christopher Saur Bible, Shem Zook 1849 Martyrs, large German/English pulpit Bible, eight volume history of the Christian Church, Herald der Warhart 1889, 25 years of The Diary, early Readers Digests, lots of Amish books. Also, have books and magazines on Farming, John Deere, Farm Mechanics, Steam books, Hunting, Disasters, Titanic, Pearl Harbor along with many Civil War, Abe Lincoln, Hitler, James Herriott, Norman Rockwell etc. Many others.

Friday, February 14 | 8:00 A.M., Ring 3 | Antique Tools * Cast Iron * Blacksmithing * Model Engines * Salesman Samples & Miniatures * Bells & Steam Whistles

  • User Antique Tools & Collectables @ 8:00 AM, This session will have 500+ lots of good user & collector tools and will be sold in approx. 2 hrs. Expect many large group lots including a collection of 200+ hay pulleys, lots of Winchester, Keen Kutter and Blue Grass items, Yankee screwdrivers, breast drills, planes, axes, hatchets, plus many other user and collector tools. Note, rumor has it that Abe is going to push the Auctioneer’s harder than ever before so put on your seat belt for this one!!
  • Cast Iron Session at 10:30 AM, 700+ pieces of Cast Iron including Griswold, Wagner, Wapak, Etc. A few highlights include 2 – Griswold #20s, 2 - #14s, 2 - #13s, #13 dutch oven w/lid, hotel waffle iron, #2 skillet, #14 pie logo, hotel waffle, toy sets, big collection of Wapak skillets and Dutch ovens, plus many more quality and hard to find pieces. 
  • Blacksmithing, Salesman Samples, Model Engines, Bells & Steam Whistles @ 3:00: This session will feature an incredible collection of Salesman samples, Anvils and Blacksmithing tools, 25+ bells and whistles and Model engines. This will be a session unlike anything we have seen in the past.
  • Blacksmithing & Tools: Peter Wright Anvils from 85# to 600#, Fishers, Hay Budden, Trenton, Kohlswa etc. Hardies, tongs, hammers, a nice Catseye, forges, blowers, tinner’s tools, post vises, big collection of bench vises including Wilton’s, Parkers, etc. excellent set of vises.
  • Bells: A large one owner collection of bells including a 44” and a 36” church bell. Also have a nice set of bronze bells including 36”, 26”, 18”, 12” and more expect 25 plus church, locomotive, school and dinner bells.
  • Salesman Samples, Models & Miniatures: This will feature an incredible collection of over 200 pieces of salesman samples and models in excellent condition. A few highlights include a horse drawn corn planter (1890 Pat.), hay mower marked Gibbs, Canton O., walking plow, hillside plow, grain drill, dump hay rake, corn binder (dated 1880), 2 bottom gang plow, horse drawn hay stacker, cow stanchions, two horse cultivator, thrashing machine, hay baler, treddle scroll saw, cant hook, true temper fork, garland furnace, washing machine Thrashers by Ernest bros., Lobsinger bros., Wood bros., Avery & Huber. Hitch wagon, Wertzberger beer wagon, steam engines by Eli Mast, Irwin, Ernest bros., ice cream freezers, 3 #1 Stanley planes, Store model 1/3 scale New Holland horse powered baler, model and miniature engines including John Deere E, Callahan, Vertical and many other unique and rare pieces. You won’t want to miss this collection! Unlike anything we have ever seen come through the Air Works auction before!

Saturday, February 15 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 2 | Collectible Toy Auction, Antiques & High-lights

  • This ring will have approx. 500 lots of good quality collectible toys including several complete dispersals of one owner life-long collections.
  • High-lights: Miniature Clipper seed cleaner (very clean),
  • Toys: Steam Engine and 3 thrashing machines made by Teeswater. Lots of harnessed teams with box wagon, hay mower, bob sled, log sled, buggy, buckboard and hurst wagon and others. 1/16th scale tractors; Case 500, 600, 800, CC, IH 560, IH 600, Oliver Super 88, Fordson Super, MF tractor, John Deere Water Loo Boy, McCormick Deering 1/16th scale dozers; Cat 2-ton crawler, Cat D-2, Case dozer, T-340, 2 -Oliver OC-3,
  • Misc. Thrasher, Komatsu D155AX Dozer, 1/50 scale, IH/TD-25C Dozer, IH, 560 & 350 pay loader, Titan rock truck, mighty dump truck NIB, Road Grader & IH Dump Truck,
  • Figurines: Including cowboys & cowgirls w/pistols, team of mules w/log wagon, mule w/ice wagon, team of horses w/covered wagon, mule w/walking plow and several others.

Saturday, February 15 | 8:00 A.M., Ring 3 | Butchering Items * Pocket Watches & Clocks * Millersburg Glass * User & Collector Tools

  • Approx. 1000 pcs. Of Butcher tools & Misc. consisting of good quality collector and user tools including kettles, grinders, stuffers, slicers, mixers, forks, drills, auger bits, planes, and usual mixture quality items.
  • Pocket Watches & Clocks: 150 pocket watches with a 100+ between 21 to 23 jewel watches. Including a Hamilton 992, 992B, 4992B, 950, 940, 992E, 992L, Hamilton Ball, 992P, 950B, 941, 999B, 927, 924, Illinois Bunn Specials, Burlington special, Abe Lincoln special, Sagano special, central, sterling, Elgin B.W. Raymond, salesman sample, 924 The Railroader, Shock-master, Father Time, Waltham P.S. Bartlett, Vanguard, Studebaker, Howard, Hampden, Dueber, Southbend, Military 616, 340
  • Clocks: A great selection of 60+ clocks from the 1600s to early 1900s including 31 day, wall, mantle & calendar, clocks. Brands like Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Gilbert, Linden, Waltham, Deville, Kassel, Junghans, and more.
  • Millersburg Glass: A good variety of Millersburg glass including rays -n- ribbons, country kitchen, Ohio star, blackberry, primrose and more.


This auction is part of 3-Day event featuring:

Heavy Equipment * Rolling Stock * Sawmill & Pallet Equipment * Logging Equipment * Power Units * Woodworking * Metalworking * Construction Tools * Misc.Tools & Equipment * Antique & User Tools * 1,200+ Lots of Cast Iron * 500+ Watches & Clocks * Blacksmithing Butchering * Book Collection *Gun Collections * Collectible Toys * Antiques & Collectibles

  • Thursday, February 13th at 9:00 AM, Selling in 4 Auction Crews
  • Friday, February 14th at 8:30 AM, Selling in 14 Auction Crews
  • Saturday, February 15th at 8:30 AM, Selling in 14 Auction Crews

Auction Terms: Cash, Check or Credit Card w/valid ID. There will be a 5% buyer's premium on-site with an additional 3% for all credit card purchases. Different terms for Online bidding will apply. All items are sold “as is, where is with no warranty expressed or implied." Sales tax does apply unless exempt.

Unloading Schedule

  • Monday Feb. 10 from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.,
  • Tuesday & Wednesday. Feb. 11 & Feb. 12 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
  • Thursday Morning 7:30 to 12:00 Noon (Reserved for out of state consignors)


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