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PO 242 • Kidron OH • 44636

Woodworking Equipment

31st Annual Air Works Consignment Auction

31st Annual Air Works Auction 

* 3 Day Auction *

GPS Location: Mt Hope Auction Grounds; 8076 SR 241 Millersburg OH 44654

Thursday, February 13th at 9:00 AM 4 Auction Crews

Friday, February 14th at 8:30 AM Selling in 14 Auction Crews

Saturday, February 15th at 8:30 AM Selling in 14 Auction Crews

Heavy Equipment * Rolling Stock * Sawmill & Pallet Equipment * Logging Equipment * Power Units * Woodworking * Metalworking * Antiques & Collectibles * Misc. Tools & Equipment 

           Woodworking Equipment Sells Live/Online            Fri. & Sat. Feb. 14th &  15th (Multiple Rings) 

• Table Saws:  New Delta RT40 14” table saw, 230v-3 ph; New Oliver 4016 10” table saw w/52” fence, 230v 3 ph; New Oliver 10040 10” table saw, w/52” fence, 115v; New Classical 10” table saw, no motor; 2007 Altendorf WA8 sliding table saw, elec/hyd; Sawstop 10” industrial table saw; Hammer K3 sliding table saw, 220v; Powermaitc 66 table saw, 52” fence, 220v; Jet JCS-10 10” table saw, 220v; Powermatic 66 table saw, 36” fence, 220v; Powermatic 63 table saw, 36” fence, 220v; 2014 General 10” table saw, 3 hp, 220v, great condition; Daytona 12” table saw; sliding table saw; • Cutoff Saws:  New Delta 33-422 radial arm saw, 230v-3 ph; Whirlwind 216, upcut saw w/infeed & outfeed tables; Dewalt radial arm saw; SCMI RS-2515, radial arm saw, 220v; 4 = Dewalt miter saws; Dyna CS60 chop saw, 22” blade; 2005 Omga 300 chop saw; • Bandsaws: Powermatic 2415-3 36” bandsaw; Delta bandsaw; • Panel Saws;  Felder panel saw; Robland panel saw; SSC 5860-T2 panel saw/router; Streibig panel saw; • Straight Line Rip Saws; Mattison 202 straight line rip saw, electric; Diehl SL50 straight line rip saw; • Planers: New Stonewood ST-20, 20” planer, w/shear spiral head cutter, no motor; New Oliver4420, 16” planer w/shear spiral cutter, 230v; 2004 Northtech 610SS 2 sided planer, 24” wide, 60 hp top & 50 hp bottom w/7.5 hp var. speed feed motor, 2.5mm x 12mm x 30mm double sided insert knives; CA planetary sander w/24F feeder, excellent condition; Northfield model 7 24” spiral head planer, 3 hp. 3ph. 220/550v, air feed, good condition; Powermatic 209-1 20” planer, straight knife, fair condition; Steel City 20” industrial planer, hyd; Delta 15” straight knife planer, 1 ph. 220v, good condition; Lobo 20” straight knife planer, hyd. powered, fair condition; Newman planer; Grizzly 20” planer w/Byrd spiral cutter head, lineshaft; Grizzly G5851Z 24” variable speed planer w/hyd. motor, good condition; SCM S-520 20” planer, straight knife, 220v; Delta 12” planer; Jet JWP-15CS 15” planer, straight knife, lineshaft ready; Yates 2 sided planer; Grizzly planer w/straight knives; Like New Delta 104834 13” planer; • Lathe: Delta 16” lathe, hyd. powered, good condition; • Jointers; New Powermatic PJ882HH 8” parallelogram jointer, hyd driven;  2 = New Delta DJ-20 jointers, 230v-3 ph; New Oliver 4235, 8” spiral head jointer (parallelogram) 230v; New Oliver 4225, 6” spiral head jointer (parallelogram) 115v; Grizzly G1182HW 6” jointer w/hyd. motor, good condition; Powermatic 60, 8” jointer, 220v; 1996 Geetech CT-200 8” jointer; • Shapers: New Oliver 4705, 1 ¼” spindle shaper w/micro fence, 230v; New Oliver 10047, 1 ¼” spindle shaper w/micro fence, 220v; Unique 250MC complete door shaper, hyd. driven; Powermatic 2700 shaper, hyd; Polanco ZPML 1 ¼” spindle shaper, 7 hp, 220v/3 ph; Grizzly G1026 shaper w/hyd. motor, good condition; Mini Max T3, 1” spindle shaper w/1 ¼” spacers, 220v; Delta ¾” spindle shaper; • Power Feeds; 5 = New Delta 36-836, 3 roll power feeds, 220v; New Stonewood AF-48, 4 roll power feed, 220v 3 ph; New Stonewood AF-38, 3 roll pwer feed, 220v. 3 ph; Steff 2034, 3 roll power feed; 3 roll power feeder; Powermatic 3 roll power feeder, 110v; Powermatic PF43 power feed, air motor driven; •  Pin & CNC Routers; 2 = CR Onsrud inverted routers; Multi router set up w/Honda motor; • Molders: SKM 5 head moulder, 3 ph electric; 3 phase inverter; Logosol PH260 4 head planer/moulder w/hyd. motors, good condition; Leadwermac, 5 head moulder, hyd. driven; Molding machine; 1988 Weinig U22AL 5 head moulder, 1-13/16” spindles, 3 ph/460v; • Stroke Sander: • Edge & Drum Sanders:  New Oliver 6305, 6” x 89” edge sander, 115v; Progress PMC-152, 6” x 158” edge sander, 5 hp. 3 ph. 480v, 58” table, good condition; Powermatic 6” x 89” edge sander, 110v; G & P pump sander, 4” x 6” drums, 3 ph, 240v, excellent condition; Drum sander w/flap wheel; CAM Ocsillating drum sander; Delta 6” x 8” drum sander, 3 ph. 480v, fair condition; Dyna KO600 double drum sander; Custom made 6” x 129” edge sander, 220v; Custom made flap sanding machine, 3 ph. 230v; Woodmaster drum sander, lineshaft; Peerless drawer box sander w/36” platinum, hyd powered; like new Grizzly G0564 edge sander, 6” x 108”, hyd; • Wide Belt Sanders: SCMI CL2R92, 37” x 75”, 2 head, wide belt sander, 230v/3 ph; Powermatic FE-37, 37” x 60”, wide belt sander; SCMI 36” x 60” wide belt sander, 3 ph. 230v; Grizzly G9983 wide belt sander w/hyd. motor, good condition; Sanding Master scsb1300 wide belt sander, 52” wide, 2 heads, electric; Ramco 36” wide belt sander, electric; Burlington 2 head wide belt sander, 3 phase, older machine; • Boring Machines:  New Pocket Master PM150, pocket hole machine, air operated; Kreg pocket hole machine; Ritter single spindle dowel machine; Ritter R46 line boring machine, 220v; ARO automatic double end drilling machine, good condition; Horizontal drilling machine; Delta Line Boring Machine, electric; Delta line boring machine w/air motor; • Mortise & Tenoners: Bell model 710 slot mortiser w/foot pedal, 3 ph, 240v, good condition; Dyna MT60X log tenoner; Balistrini mortiser, good condition; • Edge Banders: SCM Selecta 12F edge bander; Cehisa edge bander, 230v;  Drill Presses: New Stonewood JDT65 manuel dovetailer, 115v; Rockwell Delta drill press, lineshat;  Powermatic 1150A drill press; Powermatic 1150 drill press;  Dyna DR60 drill press; • Dovetailers:  Dodds M1463 12 spindle  dovetailer w/manual clamps;   2 = Dodds SE15, 15 spindle dovetailers, hyd & air powered; Dodds SE-15 dovetailer; • Clamp Carriers; • Door & Drawer Clamps : JLT door clamp; Unique door clamping table; Custom made, post clamping machine; •Glue Spreaders; 60” plate glue applicator; Taylor 171-M3 glue applicator; Glue applicator; Glue plate spreader w/ new plate; • Downdraft Tables; New Dust Pro 36” x 72” down draft table, 115v; 2 = custom made downdraft tables; Denray 7200, downdraft table, 220v; Denray 9600, downdraft table, 220v; • Dust Collectors: New Delta 50-861 5 hp dust collector, 230v-3 ph; New Delta 50-900 cyclone dust collector, 230v-3 ph; New Nederman S-1000, 5000 cfm dust collector, 230/460v; New Stonewood 1 bag dust collector, 115v; New Stonewood 2 bag dust collector, 220v; Clear Vue cyclone, dust collector, 5 hp, 220v/3 ph; Donaldson Torit dust bin w/blower, hyd, good condition; Grizzly G1030 sawdust collector w/hyd. Motor, good condition; Jet double bag dust collector, 110v; 3 = Jet 1 bag dust collectors, 110v; Typhoon DC-3075, 3 bag dust collector, lineshaft ready;  2014 General single bag dust collector, 110/220v; Arrespall dust collecting system, 14” uinlet, hyd powered w/shaker; • Finish Equipment; 2 = Graco diaphragm pumps;  Kremlin 15:1 spray pump; • Misc. Woodworking Equipment: Lift Rite L-68, air operated straddle lift, single stage, 2000 lb.;  Air scissor lift 24” x 48”; Safety Speed TR2 table router frame, good condition; 24” x 60 “ roller conveyor; Tyler, power pod, 25” x 77” work area, air powered, fair condition; Chucker on stand, 2 hp, 3 ph w/1/2”, ¾” and 1” heads; 2 = 50 shelf rolling drying racks; Sandman inspection lights;  PH-1 prime heat curing system;

1000’s of misc. small items: including air compressors, generators, welders, pressure washers, sand blasters, pallet jacks, electric motors, dust collecting systems, chop saws, electric & air tools, wrenches & socket sets, pipe threaders, lights, chainsaws, ladders, scaffolding, carpenter, mason, and concrete tools, shelving, work benches, fasteners, cords, air hoses, wheels, line-shafts and much more.

Unloading Schedule

Monday Feb. 10 from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.,

Tuesday & Wednesday. Feb. 11 & Feb. 12 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Thursday Morning 7:30 to 12:00 Noon (Reserved for out of state consignors)


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