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Antique Tools & Collectibles

32nd Annual Air Works Consignment Auction

32nd Annual Air Works Consignment Auction

*Antique & Collectibles Division*

Mt Hope Auction Grounds GPS Location: 8076 SR 241 Millersburg OH 44654

Thurs. Feb. 18th through Sat, Feb. 20th at 8:00 AM with 2 Crews

Thursday Bid-Online

Antique & User Tools * Blacksmithing Butchering * Book Collection *Gun Collections * Collectible Toys * Antiques & Collectibles

Thursday, February 18 | 9:00 A.M., Ring 2 | Antique Tools, Misc. Collectibles & Cast Iron

Antique Tools- Large Selection of Hand Planes, included approx. 75 hand planes including 45 Stanley (sizes 1-8 and many specialty sizes 113,148, 78 Match among others), Millers Falls, and more.  Also included in this great lineup, Blacksmithing Tools (Approx 10 various size Anvils, Tongs, Hammers, Boxcar Anvil), Stanley No. 55 Combination planes, Block Planes, Rabbet Planes, Surveyors Tools, Buggy Wrench, Yankee Screwdrivers, Stencils, Broad and Goosewing Axes, Camp Hatchets, Braces and Breast Drills, Plow Planes, Large Moulding Plane Collection, Several Flat lots of Hammers, Chisels, Wilton Vise, Gerstner Model 031C Tool Chest, Gyro Vise, Stanley 45, Stanley 888 Walnut Tool box, Braces and Auger bits, Stanley Routers, Barn Beam Drill, Stanley Jobmaster Axe, Millers Falls Bullnose, Hand Forged Fros, Hay Trolleys, Farm Wrenches, Calipers, Drawknives, Pulleys, Milk Tester, Bull Lead, Lab Scale.  Over 600 lots of quality antique tools. Cast Iron- Glue Pots, Griswold No 3 Slant Logo, among many other Griswold and Wagner Skillets, Victor Cast Iron Skillet, Star Tobacco Cutter, Tractor Seats, and more. Misc Collectibles- Approx 80 lots of Native American Artifacts, Miniature Items, Jiffy Way Egg Scale, Diecast Truck banks, Nesting Box, Case XX knives, several other knives.

Thursday, February 18 | 9:00 A.M., Ring 3 | Uncataloged Antiques, Collectibles, Primitives

This uncatalogued session will feature approx. 1000 lots Antiques, Collectibles & Primitives including Antique Tools, Books, Blacksmith Items, Anvils, Butcher Items, Railroad Items, Primitives, Hay Trolleys, Agriculture Related Items. It is hard to tell what all will show up in this ring since it features most of our late arrival antiques.

Friday Bid-Online

Friday, February 19 | 8:00 A.M., Ring 2 | Antique Tools * Cast Iron * Blacksmithing * Model Engines * Salesman Samples & Miniatures * Bells & Steam Whistles

8:00 AM Large selection of user tools. Corn sheller collection, hay trolleys, pulleys, flats & crates full of tools. Winchester, Keenkutter items. We will be selling fast with some huge dealer group lots.

 10:00 AM Cast iron session approx. 500 pcs. selling in 350 lots. Griswold, Erie, Wapak, Wagner, etc. This features only the select top pieces picked from an over 2,000 pc collection. To list all the highlights would be impossible. A few are Erie Spider Logo, (2) #2 Griswolds, (2) #13, (3) #20, several #14. 3 with lids. #13 and #14 skillet lids, set of Dutch ovens, Roasters, Scotch bowl set, #13 Dutch oven w/ lid and trivet. Huge selection of waffle makers, griddles, and molds. More rare pieces than ever before.

2:00 PM Black Smith and Tool Session. Anvils, forges, tongs, hammers, hardies, 50+ vices, Rare Collector pieces, Heller, champion, Cat’s Eye Hammers, miniature anvil collection. Good selection of collector and user pieces.

Fri. Eve. Bid-Online

4:30 PM Salesman Samples, models, watch collection, bells, whistles, etc. Samples to feature the Pennel collection, including case mower, grain binder, cultivator plows, Buck rake, Hog oilers, stoves, silo, baler, military tent, and many more great samples. More good samples and miniatures than ever before. 80+ watches. Best set of collectors watches ever offered in this area, maybe anywhere. 12 in original boxes, including a 23J Bunn, 992 E etc. Rare, 922 Masterpiece 23J 185 in gold case, Ball Hamilton 999 Brotherhood of Railroad, Seth Thomas Maiden Lane 25J. 10 salesman sample watches including Bunn 23J, Elgin Vertigas, 23J wind indicator, Ball Hamilton 999N 23J. To list all the rare pieces, would require a lot more room. This is the Holy Grail of watch collections. A complete list will be on website or call or write for a list. 

Friday, February 19 | 9:00 A.M., Ring 3 | Misc Antiques, E&M Rare Books

Will start with misc. uncatalogued antiques and collectibles. E & M Rare Book Collection – Catalogued Sale @ 1:00 P.M. 1000’s of books with many group lots of Westerns, Zane Grey, Horatio Alger, juvenile books and others. Readers Digests, lots of Amish books. Also, have books and magazines on Farming, John Deere, Farm Mechanics, Steam books, Hunting, Disasters, Titanic, Pearl Harbor along with many Civil War, Abe Lincoln, Hitler, James Herriott, Norman Rockwell etc. Many others.

Saturday, February 15 | 8:00 A.M., Ring 2 | Butchering Items * Pocket Watches & Clocks * User & Collector Tools

Approx. 80 watches, clock, butcher tools kettles, slicers, stuffers, grinders, huge pile forks, axes, Yankees, Breast drills, huge selection of user tools and collector tools. There will be dealer lots.

Saturday, February 15 | 8:00 A.M., Ring 3 | Ag Toys and Miniatures

Threshing Machines: John Deere and McCormic Deering; Horse Drawn Toys: McCormic Deering corn binder, McCormic Deering hay mower, John Deer Cultivator, Bob sled with horses, Fore cart with horses, Hay wagon, 1/16 scale Tractors, Case 500, John Deere R, John Deere 830, 1/8 scale Tractors, John Deere D, John Deere A, Discs, Wagons…. & lots more! 1867 Adriance Platt & Co 5’ harvest reaper; 1917 John Deere hay press; John Deere 2 horse circle horse power, very old; 1868 Adrian’s Platt reaper, cut 2 acres of grain in 2014, works good;  Early 1700’s Conastoga wagon sideboards; 1994 Sunoco toy semi, tanker w/lights & sound, in box; 1995 Texaco toy semi, tanker w/lights & sound, in box; BP Oil, toy semi, tanker w/lights & sound, in box; Hit & Miss Engines

Auction Information: For complete and updated auction details, catalogs & photo’s as well as online bidding links please visit or visit auction ID 40052. Request full auction listings and catalogs from the Air Works Auction Office at 330.749.4362.

Consignment Unloading Schedule

Mon. February 15th from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.,

Tue. & Wed. February 16th & 17th from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Thursday 8:00 AM to 12:00 by Appointment Only.

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