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Liquidations & Dispersals

AC Products Liquidation Auction

AC Products Liquidation Auction

4299 S Apple Creek Rd Apple Creek OH 44606

Friday April 14, 2023 – 9:30 AM

Accepting Consignments For This Auction

American gas fired shuttle kiln, 108” x 160” (6) 104x52 cars, fiber lined, (6) bottom & (4) top NA Tempest burners, NA 15 hp. 1400 cfm combustion blower, SSO, power doors, in-floor rails, chain type car mover, Yokogawa 3-zone temperature control; Denver II gas fired car bottom shuttle kiln, model L67518, s/n 142 (1970), 2300 deg F max temp, 118” x 315” (8) 77x86 cars, above floor rail & chain car mover, West 2072 temperature control; Denver I gas fired car bottom shuttle kiln, model M-464, s/n 135, 2500 deg F max temp, 94” x 171” (4) 53x86 cars, above floor rail & chain car mover, power doors, Yokogawa 4-zone temperature control; Ohio gas fired car bottom shuttle kiln, 80” x 164” (2) 53x176 cars, above floor rail & chain car mover, (6) bottom & (3) top NA4422 burners, SSO, pneumatic powered doors, (12) 24”x24” kiln plates (sell w/kiln); (96) 24”x24” kiln plates; 2003 Studio 62” x 33” gas fired tunnel dryer, 20 carts to fit, 39” x 57” opening, 3 kw circulation fans, 5-zone temperature control; Steel/wood slip casting benches; Lema hydraulic powder press, 14x20in T-slot ram, relay control, shuttle feed, gravity hopper, custom built rubber band conveyor; Lancaster 4ft counter current muller mixer, type EBG4 (1941) 10 hp. Custom fabricated steel base W/vibrator screen; Dusthog 40-bag dust collector with cyclone, model FT-40-SP; (2) Toledo 2071 75 lb. 1 oz dial platform scales; 1000 gallon poly tank; Dari-Kool 1000 gallon SS bulk tank with pump & Magnatrol level control; JWI hydraulic 15 Cu. Ft. filter press, model 800G32-29-15DYLS, (1995) (30) 31.5x31.5 plates, steel platform, diaphragm pump, (2) rolling steel sludge tanks; (2) Midwestern MR48S6 48in single deck vibrating screens; Sweco LS48S888 48” double deck vibrating screen (100) sections steel pallet racks; 3M 200a adjustable case sealer, type 39600; Interlake Power 100 quarter inch power strapping machine; Delta 28-203 14in, vertical bandsaw; Craftsman 6” belt, 9” disc sander; Midwestern ME24S4-8 24” single deck vibrating screen, s/n0592-2024; Abbe 38in dia. X 48in steel drum ball mill, model 5APM, Dorris gear reducer, motor drive; Abbe 38” dia. X 48in steel drum ball mill, 5 hp electric drive; Patterson 30in x 42in steel drum ball mill, electric drive; Patterson 24” x 36” steel drum ball mill, electric drive; Ohio Kiln double deck jar mill with (4) 8in dia. X 8in porcelain jars; Combustion system for dryer NA 4-2234 gas burner, 15 hp blower, Honeywell SSO, Yokogawa UT350L temperature control, (2) Partlow chart recorders; Custom built 4 nozzle spray glazing machine, rubber band conveyor, Gusher pump; Central Ceramic Services spray glazing touch up unit, 36” dia. Screen table, poly tub, Devilbliss gun, Dayton 16” 1/2 hp. Exhaust fan, curtain; 1999 custom waterfall glazing machine, carousel conveyor, spray wash station, SS molds, air diaphragm pump, (5) 120 gallon poly mix tanks with dollies, US Best 1.5 hp. Mixer; Malkin type 310 waterfall glazing machine, 4’ dia. Screen table, poly tub, Gusher 1 hp. Pump; (6) glaze inspection turntables with 1/2 hp. mixer stands; Steel glaze touch up hood with tubeaxial fan, Binks 95G gun; (4) 24in x 32in & (1) 16” x 30” glaze cleaning belts with SRC speed controls; (2) Brookfield RVF viscometers; Evenheat SP71-43 9120 watt electric hobby kiln; Hand spray booth with 32” screen table, Dayton 12in 1/2 hp. exhaust fan, 1 gallon SS pressure pot, Binks gun, curtain; Ceramic Instruments S4/1000 4-jar mill; Cincinnati Royal 16in floor model drill press; Oxygen/Acetylene torch outfit; Hypertherm Powermax 600 plasma torch; Hi-Quality CP100 30-ton H-frame shop press with 20 ton bottle jack; Weldodron bar sealer and heat shrink tunnel; Delta Unisaw 34-801 10” table saw, 1.5 hp; Gillis 12 step rolling step ladder; 10 step rolling step ladder; (4) 8 step rolling step ladders; (3) 4 step rolling step ladders; (4) 5 step rolling step ladders; (15) 3 step rolling step ladders; (6) Werner 2112 20in x 12ft & (1) 2509 20” x 8’ aluminum sca_ old planks; (24) Stanley Vidmar tool cabinets; (6) air carton staplers; self-dumping forklift hoppers; (5) hand pallet jacks; T&S 500 lb. platform lift, model LLPH-500-FW-FL/SP, Enerpac hyd. pump; Dayton 15” vertical bandsaw; Walker Turner 14” drill press; 1985 Fruehauf 48’ tandem axle aluminum dry van trailer; 1984 Fruehauf 48’ tandem axle aluminum dry van trailer; 1975 Lufkin 45’ tandem axle aluminum dry van trailer; Drum mixers, bench mixers, pumps, agitators, scales, (8) 60” round tables, Miller Thunderbolt welder, shop vac, forklift work platform, (11) wood tables with potters wheels, storage cabinets, (2) shipping desks, Target tile saw, ceiling/wall mount fans, (5) 4 wheeled hand trucks, utility carts, (22) floor fans, (12) 2 wheeled hand trucks, (50) Rubbermaid 32 gallon trash cans w/lid & dolly, (100) 15 gallon poly tanks w/lid & dolly, strapping reel & tools, flammable material cabinets, Triangle 42” circulation fans, (250) ware carts, (6)

Auction Terms and Information: Cash, Check or Credit Card w/valid ID. There will be a 10% buyer’s premium on-site and a 15% buyer’s premium for Online bidding with an additional 3% for all credit card purchases.

Check Out & Loading: Buyers will need to have a paid receipt before loading. Auction sta_ assistance for loading is available on sale day to 6:00 PM, on Sat. April 15th from 8:00 AM to 12 noon, and the following week Mon. through Wed. from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Otherwise it will need to be by appointment. Loading with 4,000 lb. forklift available at no charge.

Consignment Unloading Schedule: Wed. & Thur. April 12th and 13th from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

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