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Antique Tools & Collectibles

33rd Annual Air Works Consignment Auction - Antiques & Collectibles Division

33rd Annual Air Works Consignment Auction

*Antique & Collectibles Division*

Mt Hope Auction Grounds GPS Location: 8076 SR 241 Millersburg OH 44654

Thursday, February 17th at 8:30 AM with 4 Crews

Friday, February 18th at 8:30 AM with 4 Crews

Saturday February 19th at 8:30 AM with 4 Crews

Antique & User Tools * Blacksmithing * Butchering * Cast Iron * Book Collections * Gun Collections * Collectible Toys * Bells * Salesman Samples Antiques & Collectibles

Thursday, February 17 | 9:30 A.M., Ring 1 | Antique Tools, Misc. Collectibles & Cast Iron

100+ Axes including broad axes, fire axes, ice axes etc. 150+ Cast Iron pcs. including Griswald, Wagner and other misc. brands big and small kettles, and a variety of misc., 40+ Well Pumps & Pitcher Pumps, 50+ Vises mostly bench vises and several post vises. (140# bench vise), 20+ Lanterns including railroad, caboose light, brass lanterns and others 50+ wooden & metal barn pulleys including some very large pulleys, 100+ long handled tools including pitchforks, hay, straw & silage forks, shovels, post hole diggers, cant hooks, crosscut saws, one man saws and much more, lightning rods, weathervanes. 150 box lots including lots of hatchets, hammers, planes, wrenches, drills, auger bits, draw knives, meat cleavers these box lots will include a wide variety of good clean user and collectible name brand tools.

Thursday, February 17 | 8:45 A.M., Ring 2 | Cataloged Cast Iron Collection

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Nearly 1000 pieces of Cast Iron Including several iconic brands, such as Griswold, Erie, National, Wagner, Wapak, Piquaware, Birmingham, and others. Highlights include Numerous Slant Logo Skillets including 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,12, and 13; Nos. 2,3, & 4 Scotch Bowls, 3- No. 8 Waffle Irons, No. 8 & 10 Dutch Ovens, No. 9 Handled Griddle, No. 12 and 16 Bail Handle Griddle, and 9 x 20-inch griddle. There are HUNDREDS of Small and large block logo Griswold selling individually and in group lots from size 3 through 14. Highlights include a SUPER RARE Erie Griswold “SPIDER” as well as several #12, #13 and #14 Skillets including a 14 Favorite Smiley and a 14 WITH BAIL HANDLE. Other highlights include Wapak Indianhead Skillets, Wagner Double Hotel Waffle Maker, Numerous other waffle makers, Scotch Bowls, Cake Molds, Mailboxes, Roasters, Dutch Ovens, Lids, Skillet covers, breakfast skillets, kettles, bean pots, tea kettles, bread pans, cornstick pans, hammered skillets, griddles and loads more. With nearly 1000 pieces of cast iron comprising of 700+ lots in this catalog, there is a plethora to choose from. Varying from rare collector pieces to good clean user Cast Iron there should be something for everyone.

Thursday, February 17 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 3 | Cataloged Antique Tools, Blacksmithing & Primitives

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Over 1000 lots of quality antique tools, salesman samples, and antiques including, Over 100 hand planes (Numerous Stanley incl. 1,2,3,4,5,5 1/4, 5 1/2, 6,7,8, 100, 101) 5 Bedrock planes including 604, 2- 605, 605C, and 607, Walnut w/ Ivory accents Hand plane, moulding planes, other planes include Union, Craftsman, Keen Kutter, Winchester, Millers Falls, some NOS & more. Other items incl. breast drills (some NOS), lots of Yankee Screwdrivers, mallets and hammers, draw knives, squares, hand saws, spoke shaves, Axes (several broads axes, and single/double-bit axes incl. Belknap, Norlund, Keen Kutter, Winchester, True Temper, Collins, Kelknap among others), Pitchforks (Keen Kutter, Shapleigh, Winchester), Dozens of Chisels, Miniatures and Saleman samples (Horse Collar, Yardsticks, Grate Bar among others), Stanley 610 Pistol Grip Drill. Blacksmithing includes Anvils, Post Vises, Wilton Vises including a miniature Wilton, Hardy Tools, & Hammers. Machinist tools, Marking Gages, Shipbuilders tools, Irwin Drill bit sets, Braces, Hand Drills, Stair Saws, Steam Whistles, Girstner Tool Chest, Plumb Bobs, Pedal Driven Scroll Saw, misc. wrenches, Carbide Lamps, Barbed wire sample, Scales and Balances, Oilers, Farm and advertising signs, Hay trolley, Ice Tongs, Hardware displays, Butcher Knives, Tool cabinets from Lufkin, Stanley and Keen Kutter.  This session is packed full of quality antique tools, and group/dealer lots. Over 900 lots to choose from. The Carl Bilderback Antique Tool Collection represents 200 pieces of some of the cleanest antique tools that we have offered at the Air Works Auction to date. Including a complete set of Bedrock planes from 602-to-608, along with other quality Stanley Planes, RARE Atkins Salesman Sample Saw with manuals & documents, NOS 1952’ E.A. Berg Chisel set, Wooden transitional planes, 40 + brass plumb bobs, 30+ wooden rulers, many other quality items.

Thursday, February 17 | 9:30 A.M., Ring 4 | uncataloged Antiques, Collectibles, Primitives This uncatalogued session will feature approx. 1000 lots of Misc. Antiques including Antique Tools, Books, Blacksmith Items, Anvils, Butcher Items, Railroad Items, Primitives, Hay Trolleys, Agriculture Related Items. This ring features most of our late arrival antiques, it is hard to tell what will show up.

Friday, February 18 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 2 | Antique Tools * Cast Iron * Blacksmithing * Model Engines * Salesman Samples & Miniatures * Bells & Steam Whistles * Watch Collection

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8:30: 400+ lots of cast iron. Unquestionably the best selection of rare cast iron ever offered at Air Works.
A few highlights include: Griswold #1, Erie #1, several Griswold #2,5. Complete set Wapak Indian Heads, hotel waffles, Griswald #13s. Wagner 13’s, multiple 14’s, 20’s, 12’s. Erie Spider skillet and kettle. #13 Dutch oven w/ lid. (Salesman samples include Erie and Griswold skillets and kettles.) Miniature heart and star molds, #13 Griswald, milled bottom. Griswald French Roll, Favorite double waffle, Wagner 4 waffle, Griswald French triple waffle, Complete Griswald set #1 through 20. If you collect cast iron this is one auction you don’t want to miss. Various pieces you will only get a chance to bid on once in a lifetime. 1:30: 200 lots of blacksmith items. Approximately 70 Anvils & many miniatures. Anvil selection has many excellent, clean anvils from 70 to 120lbs. 2 bridge anvils, core anvils, etc. Hossfeld Bender, Vices to include several chain drive post vices, many post vices, including several Indian Chiefs, great selection of Tongs, Forges etc. Great selection with items for both the user and the collector.

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4:00: 300+ lots of hand-picked items. Salesman Samples, miniatures, bells, steam whistles, tools, patent models, farm signs, model engines. (Working model Case steam engine and sawmill working model made by Milo Powers 1849.) (½ Horse hit miss engine., Leslie Horns.)

Great selection salesman samples, miniature working cannons, sample Coleman Lantern. 50 select pocket watches, model John Deere Baler, makes small, decorative bales. Model farm and construction toys, sample plow, hay tedder, silage chopper, stoves, washing machines, cultivator & many more. Winchester cannon. Too many highlights to list them all.

Friday, February 18 | 9:00 A.M., Ring 3 | Antique Highlights, Private One Owner Collections, Blacksmithing, Pocket Knives, Indian Artifacts, Primitives, Catalogued W/Online Bidding

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This highlight session will feature a wide variety of high-end antiques including several private one owner collections. The Tom Douglas Collection include a Museum-quality, Complete Tool Set for making WOODEN WATER PIPES, including borers, bits, and planes interlocking pipe ends; a Spiral Hay Spear; a pair of Clamshell hay grapples; hay spears and hay harpoons, including typical two-sided harpoons and a single-sided one; Two circa 1860 Horse Hay Forks in very nice original condition with their yokes; Hay Trolleys, some powder-coated, including a wide wooden beam pulley; Various rope pulleys, well pulleys, etc.; a large No. 2 Hillsboro Foundry School/Farm bell with complete yoke; a Fredericktown Foundry No. 3 School/Farm bell, 23” in diameter; a large all-wooden Sausage Grinder and an all Wooden Sausage Stuffer; refurbished Wagner Baloney Stuffer; 50+ jugs and crocks, from miniature jugs to wax-sealer canning jars to 10 gallon crocks, many of which are labeled by known makers; two original Aunt Jemima and an original Uncle Remes cookie jars; other cookie jars; pottery “milk crocks” in multiple colors; pottery mixing and serving  bowls; buggy warmers; water pitchers and bowls for wash stands, a fruit dryer in fine condition; hand hay knives and step-on hay cutters; wooden buckets & grain measures; two cast iron butchering kettles on stands and much more. One owner collection of 15 - miniature model steam engines, from 1903 to 1931 in name brands Weeden, Empire, Marnod, Jensen, Wilesco and KJ Miller; Other Consignments include a Miniature items including a mini Perfection cast Iron cookstove; Miniature walk behind plow (Salesman’s Sample Ben Bogy on handle);  Several Fire Nozzles, Nice Collection of Steam Whistles incl. Lunkenheimer and Buckeye, Pocket Knives and Indian Artifacts. Also included are 2 Brass Train bells with finial tops. Blacksmithing items include 273 lb. Peter Wright Anvil, 350 Pound Anvil w/ custom stand, 160 lb. Fisher Norris, 140 lb. English Anvil a 100 Lb. Colombian Anvil, Fisher 100 lb. anvil, 100 lb. Vulcan Anvil, Several smaller anvils, Hardy Tools, Stake Anvils, Tinners Shears, Blacksmithing Hammers.  The Knife Collection Includes, lots of pocketknives, including Case XX pocketknives, Remington, Boker, Bear, Schatt and Morgan, Camillus, Wostenhelm, and several other quality pocket and straight knives. Artifact collection includes approx. 100 lots of Indian Artifacts including arrowheads, stone axes, site material, flint knives and dozens of other prehistoric artifacts. 200 + Pocket Watches that have been cleaned, oiled, adjusted, repaired and are in good running order, Brand Names; Elgin, Waltham, Hamilton, Auguste Reymond, Henri Hoffman, Swiss Ebauche, Seth Thomas, South Bend, Illinois, Hampden, Rockfort and more, from 7 to 25 Jewels, 10k – 14k gold cases, mostly late 1800’s and early 1900’s. For a watch catalog call 330-749-4362 This catalog will continue to grow as we get closer to the auction date.

Friday & Saturday, February 18 & 19 | 9:30 A.M., Building B | Collectible Book Auction

The book auction will be in a new location in Building B inside of the NEW heated sale arena to help accommodate our largest Book Auction to date with 1000s of books to choose from. We plan on selling books for 2 days on Friday and Saturday this year. The E & N Catalogued Book Auction, Begins Selling at 11:00 A.M. Featuring 400+ Lots. Highlights include 1776 German Sower Bible, 1751 Ausbund signed by Joshua L. Lapp, 1745 Guldein Aepffel and many other German books. Also, lots of Amish books, Farming books & magazines, 1000’s of books W/some lots having 60 books per lot, Pearl Harbor, Civil War, Railroad, Western Comic Books, James Herriot, Readers Digest, 50’s & 60’s Bill -o- Reilly, 100’s of early Post Cards, Family Life, Canadian Whistle, Sunshine Magazine, Ambassador of Peace, Young Companion & 100’s of Children’s Books. Large One Owner Collection: featuring 200+ Lots of Slave, Civil War, Indian History & Stories as well as lots of misc. old hard cover books, Jack -o- Brien, Jack London, Walt Disney, Zane Grey, James Otis, and more. Simon Girty – The Outlaw (Very Rare), World War II, Indian Chiefs of PA, Chief Logan, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull & many more. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Black Hawk, Twelve years a slave, lots of large pictorial History Books, Double D Westerns, Train Books and more. Other Consignments include: 1000 lots of good hardcover and paperback books (many from early 1900’s) Mystery, Western, History, Wildlife, Civil War, WWII, CIA, FBI, true crime, children’s books, biographies and more. Also, will have lots of Lone Ranger and Horatio Alger Books. (Good Collectors & Quality Reading Material!)

Saturday, February 19 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 2 | Antique User Tools, Watches & Butchering Items 80+ pocket watches including Waltham, Illinois, Bunn Specials, Elgin, mantle clocks, butcher tools kettles, meat slicers, stuffers, grinders including several No. 32s, huge pile of hay, straw and silage forks, axes, Yankees, Breast drills, huge selection of user tools and collector tools. There will be dealer lots.

Saturday, February 19 | 8:30 A.M., Ring 3 | Collectible Toys

200 Plus lots of Collectible Toys including brand names like John Deere, McCormick Deering, Frick, Dion, Lobsinger Bro’s, Farmall, International, New Holland and others. 10+ Thrashing Machines, Steam Engines, lots of Tractors, Horse Drawn Equipment, 20+ farm implements, some w/teams, Wagons, bench wagon w/benches, lots of toy excavating equipment, Hit & Miss Engines, Pedal Tractors.

1/8 Scale includes IH 1466 2019 PA farm show special edition, 1066, 1466, white decal, 1466 black decal, 1/16th Scale Oliver super 99, 660, JD 4020, 6410, 720, 630, Case 800 Allis Chalmers 440, 7580 and many more. Case IH Steiger 600 HD 4wd Pedal Tractor, 1940’s International pedal tractor and more.

Auction Information: For complete and updated auction details, catalogs & photo’s as well as online bidding links please visit www.airworksauction.com or visit auctionzip.com auction ID 40052. Request full auction listings and catalogs from the Air Works Auction Office at 330.749.4362.

Consignment Unloading Schedule

Mon. February 14th from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.,

Tue. & Wed. February 15th & 16th from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Thursday 8:00 AM to 12:00 by Appointment Only.



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