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Woodworking Equipment

Dutch Valley Woodworking Liquidation Auction

         Dutch Valley Woodworking             Liquidation Auction

FRIDAY • JULY 22, • 9:00AM • Machinery Sells First

Live on Location at 625 Dutch Valley Drive NE • Sugarcreek, OH 44681 with Online Bidding Available

Complete woodshop liquidation • Fully set up finish room and contents • Lots of lumber and plywood Tools and accessories • New furniture

40+ years in business • Rare liquidation • Tons of opportunity

This is a rare liquidation of high-end machinery, tools, supplies, lumber, finish room equipment. Dutch Valley Woodworking was a custom cabinet & furniture builder so they have an unusual number of nice hand tools and accessories for woodworking and solid surface countertops, etc. This will be a multiple ring, full day auction, with many lots in addition to those shown here, so bring a friend and a trailer!

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Woodworking Equipment Table Saws: Altendorf F45 10ft sliding table saw with scoring, 220V-3PH; Powermatic 66 table saw w/custom table for power feed w/52" fence, 230V-3PH; Powermatic #66 Table saw w/51" fence, 230V-3Ph; Sawstop Industrial table saw IC531230 w/52" fence, 230V-1-Ph; Sawstop model PCS31230 Proffessional table saw, 230V-1PH; Sawstop JSS jobsite table saw 10", 110V; Rockwell 10" unisaw with squaring jig, 230V-3PH; Delta 10" table saw with fence, 230V-3PH; New Foot petal and clamping system for cutting short material on table saw; Altendorf Angle miter unit for sliding table saw; Altendorf Miter cutting fence for sliding table saw; Cross cut table for sliding saw;Cutoff Saws: Whirlwind 212R 18" upcut saw infeed 12 ft outfeed 8 ft with extra 4ft roller table, 220V-3PH; Makita LS1214FL chopsaw on 12ft stand with super stop fences and stops, 110v; Hitachi Model C8FB 8 1/2 inch sliding compound miter saw; Hitachi C12RSH chop saw w/heavy duty 16ft stand and super stop fences w/8-stops; Everett 6808 Metal chop saw, 110V; Jointers; Porter 300-C 16" jointer, Straight Knife, 220V-3PH; Powermatic #50, 6" straight knife Jointer, 110V; Bandsaws: Rockwell Delta 20" 2SA-3X0, bandsaw w/extra blades, 230V-3PH; Rip Saws; Northtech SRS12 Straight line rip saw, 220V-3PH; Planers; Martin T44 24" Planer, Auto table, Straight Knife, MFG 2001, Tersa heads 220V-3PH; Lathe: Rockwell 46-111 4 speed wood copy lathe w/knifes and accessories, 110v; Shapers: SCMI T130-N Heavy duty shaper with table extension. 1 ¼ in spindle shaper, 230V-3PH; SCMI T130 1 ¼ in spindle shaper, 230V-3PH; Magic MT5 1 ¼ in spindle shaper, 230V-3PH; Kolle D7300 1 ¼ in spindle Shaper, 230V-3PH; NEW- SCMi Shaper Spindle to attach Router bits; NEW 3/4" Scmi Shaper Spindle; NEW 1 1/2 Shaper Spindle for kolle shaper; Panhuas radius cutting shaper attachment;  Power Feeds; Holz-her ET117 3-roll extended power feed, 230V-PH; Griggio GA8 4 roll power feed, 220V-3PH; Holz 1980 3 Roll power feed, 220V-3PH; Mandina AP-44 4-roll power feed, 230V-3PH; Routers, Pin & CNC Routers; Danckaert over head pin router, model FI41, 230V-3PH w/box of accessories; Amerock De-Mountable hinge router machine, 110V; Stanley Cabinet door templet w/2 routers; Her-Saf 145 Panel router machine 2219 w/extra motor & accessories, 110V; Bosch 1606A Router w/1/4" collet; Molders: Weinig profile grinder, R931 w/accessories; Moulder heads, Arbor 1 13/16; 2- 5-3/8'' dia 4'' wide 4 knife 15 deg; 2-profile heads 2-7/8 tall 6'' dia,; 2-profile heads with 45 deg knifes 6-1/4 dia 1-1/4 tall; 1-2'' tall 5-3/8'' dia 4-knife 15 deg moulder head; 1- 6-1/2'' dia 3/8'' wide rabbiting cutter,  1-adjustable slotting head 6'' dia 1/8 to 1/4 wide; Profile, Edge & Drum Sanders: Crouch CR258P 8" Oscillating edge sander, 230V-3PH;  Rodgers PBS Flat Table Spindle profile sander w/wooden jigs, 230V-3PH;States Oscillating spindle sander, includes multiple spindle sizes & box of sanding sleeves 230V-3PH; Pneumatic drum sander with box of sand paper; Boring Machines: System bore 1627, 23-spindle line boring machine w/sliding head, RB1 ½, 230V-3PH; Root 4-spindle Horizontal boring machine Model D180, 230V-3PH; Blum-mini Press hinge machine, 220V-3PH including the cabinet on casters and adjustable fence; Hurst, knob & pull drilling machine, air powered w/adjustable centers; Castle Industrial Pocket hole machine, 230V-3PH;  Kreg Pocket Hole Jig; 2-Dowel-IT self centering Dowel Jigs; Mortise & Tenoners: 3 = Maka SM6-P Mortiser w/accessories, 230V-3Ph pneumatic; Maka mortiser blades; Powermatic 2AT single end tenoner w/ 1 ¼ in spindle and saw blade, Extra set of heads w/knifes, 230v 3-ph; Cope Master, used for end coping trim and moulding, 110V; Hoffman Morso notcher machine for beaded face frames w/fence stop system, 110V; Drill Presses: Powermatic 1150A 15" Vario speed drill press on cabinet w/casters, 110V; Carolina 16" Drill press, 115v; Dovetailers: Porter cable Omnijig dovetail JIG; Clamp Carrier; Taylor X388 Clamp wheel, 6 section, qty 36-clamps, 38" long clamps, manual rotation, t-nuts to hand tighten, pneumatic flattener included; Downdraft Tables; Down draft sanding table, 30 x 96 w/two 8" ports; Dust Collectors: General 10-005 single bag dust collector, 110V w/extra bags; Shaper Cutters; 1 ¼ in bore shaper cutters w/bead profile; Lot of 12 - 1 ¼ in bore shaper cutters w/assorted profiles; Lot of 5 - 1 ¼ in bore shaper cutters w/assorted profiles; Lot of 11 - 1 ¼ in bore shaper cutters w/assorted profiles; Lot of 6 - 1 ¼ in bore shaper cutters w/assorted profiles; Interior door style and rail profile set; Shaper Cutters 1 1/4" bore, used one time, 1- Freeborn lock miter, 1-Freeborn panel raiser, 1- Adjustable bevel cutter; Box lot Rosette cutters/ shaper bushings/ drill bits; Drill Bits; Assortment of bits for the Roots D180 boring machine; Lots and lots of drill bits; Clamps; Her-Saf AV1 vacuum clamp, pneumatic powered; 10 = 6" C-clamps; 12 = 4" C-Clamps;  6 = 2 ½” & 2" C-clamps; 19 = 3" C-clamps; 81 = Destaco pusher & down pressure clamps; 2- Hebor Corner Clamps; 85- 30" Pony Pipe Clamps; 12-31" Pony Pipe Clamps; 6-36" Pony pipe clamps; 37- 42" Pony pipe clamps; 8-53" Pony pipe clamps; 4- 60” Pony pipe clamps; 4-63" pony pipe clamps; 12- 66” Pony pipe clamps; 3-72" Pony pipe clamps; 5- 102" Pony pipe clamps; 3- 120" Pony pipe clamps; 4-126" Pony pipe clamps; 4-150" Pony pipe clamps; Hargrave 20-42" bar Clamps; 4- 52” Hargrave bar clamps; Hargrave 3-88" Bar clamps; 6-18" Jorgensen bar clamps; 8- 24” Jorgensen bar clamps; 6-Jorgensen bar clamps; 4-14” Bessey bar clamps; 8-16" bessey bar clamps; 6-30" bessey bar clamps; 12- 36" Bessey bar clamps; 12- 54” Bessey bar clamps; 5 = Clamp rack / cart;

Sand paper; Sanding belts for the Crouch CR 258P edge sander, 100 grit, 120 grit, 150 grit, 2 full boxes, 3 opened boxes; Box of profile sanding heads to fit Rogers profile sanding machine; Finish Spray Equipment; 2 Binks Spray Booth Model PFA-16-10-T-LH 7ft, 7ft deep 15ft wide 10ft tall with vertical exhaust fan, 16'000 CFM, Includes overhead lighting & 34'' fan 5HP 230V-3PH; Graco Stain Pump w/Binks gun HULP-BBR; 2-Nordson 25B 27.1 pump; 2-Nordson NH-4 heater & filter w/vertical exhaust fan 110v; 2-Grayco air assist G15 on mobile cart w/castors & pneumatic actuator; 2 Kobalt SGY-AIR 88NB Spray gun set up to use devilbiss de-kups; drawer slide covers; 2 CA Technologies 60-TJR-30-10-G glaze guns; Red devil can capper for gal and smaller; Devilbiss 3-gal pot w/adjustor & Binks BBR HULP gun;  3-gal spray pot w/Binks HULP spray gun; 1-gal DeVilbiss pot; Just Rite Flamable rag bucket; Bucket Adjutator -Pneumatic; New and used air hoses fluid hose; 30 = Shop finishing carts 24" x 48" 5'' casters; 5 = Finish drying racks 42" x 52"; Finish drying rack 48" x 48 for large parts; Finish drying rack 51" x 60" for large parts; Finish room 48" and 96" platform cart on casters; Red devil 5600 Pint and Quart size shaker, 110V; Harbil 5 gal paint shaker; Rotating Spray stand; Box Lot NEW Mohawk stain touch up markers; Box Lot NEW Mohawk fil stik/fastcap wax filler; 2 Poly EPA Drum storage, stores 2 55 gal drums; Barrel dolly for 55gal drums; Fork Lift drum handler; 2 Harbil 12-station pigment dispensers, 110V;

Hastings 32'000 cfm Air Make up unit Natural gas, Two speed 16'000 cfm and 32'000 cfm natural gas; Return air Piping/filter/ductwork from air make up unit approx 48ft;

Hand Tools; Kennedy Tool box with hand tools; 2 Flats of Hand tools and misc; Tool basket, hammers, wire brush, heads and etc; 3-Table saw helpers; 16 plus Dynabrade 5” air sanders; Rockwell 2100 RPM Air drill; Rockwell Screwdrivers 1000 RPM, reversable w/clutch; 2 - Senco Stapler Qty 4 1/4" crown staplers; Hot Melt Glue and Space Balls and corner glue biscuits etc; 2 Senco SLP20 18ga Finish nailers; 3 New Delta 34-895 Miter Gage; Bosch Air Jig Saw;  Hitacha 18g finish Nailer; Bosch 12V Angle Drill;  2 - Kennedy tool boxes;  Makita drill, 110V; 2- Porter cable Elec. sanders model 1330, 110V; Porter cable 382 hand sander 5";  Milwaukee sawzall w/blades, 110V; Ramset concrete gun, air tank, sprayer; 3 - Lots of Electric Box fans; Bellsaw Folley heated dip tank plastic; Dosch shear; 2-Electric motors; Porter cable 75192 1/2" Router; Hogger heads with 1 13/16th Arbor, 4'' wide 6-1/4'' diameter, 4'' wide 6-1/2'' diameter; Milwaukee 1660-1 1/2" drill Schlage boring jig for lock set 40-012; Lock Mortiser set up w/Bosch Router, 110V; Carolina tool bench grinder,115/230V-1phase; Porter cable hinge butt template; Bosch electric jig saw; BHM 56 Hebor Adler lipping planer; Porter cable 330 laminate trimmer; 2-Porter cable laminate trimmer/ Bosch swivel head shear; Virutex Laminate slitter model #AH97; Virutex Laminate Angle cutter; New Roll Packaging Foam; 2- carter sanding inspections lights; 2-Vac dust hose; 2-Wooden tool boxes; Box Lot Open end wrenches including S-K; CST Berger LM30 Laser w/tripod; strapping/webbing and E rail tie downs; tool box with wood de stressing tools; Corian glue with two dispenser guns; lock out. tag out. Box; Sioux 3/8"-2600 RPM air drill; Black and Decker Belt 3x24'' Sander; Laminate rollers and 6'' dado set and corbel templates and clamps; Box Lot Cutting Blades for jigsaws/ multi tool; Luma Electric Engraver model 60, 120V-12Amp; Electric Porter cable router; Plunge router, model #7538, 1/2 collet; Electric Bosch Router mode l#1619 EVS, 1/2 collet; Box lot Wood moister reader/ thermo-hygrometer- misc; Starrett speed indictor; Prot meter Moisture reader; Lignomat humidity reader; 8 dado sets; Box lot tools with SK 1/2'' Socket set; 18 = Shop carts on casters; 63 sawhorses, various sizes; Sioux SDR5P26N2 1/4 inch air drill 2600 RPM; Rockwell 1 1/4 2100 RPM air drill; Buckeye 1000 RPM screwgun; Porter cable cutout tool, and Makita 4 1/8" Circular Saw Model 4200N; Milwaukee 1/2 reversing angle drill and Bosch compact belt sander model 1278VS; Metabo Angle Grinder Model WE9-125 Quick; Milwaukee 1/2 reversing Hammer drill/topcoat screws; Lot of 6 woods power grip vacuum cups; Lot of Senco Staples, 18 gauge brad nails; Bosch Model 300 Angel Grinder/ sander; 1 Roll Graphite 32" x 36"/ 1 roll diafram rubber; Work station 22' x 79" x 32" high; Work station 30' x 10" x 32" high; Work station with bench vise 30 x 90 x 32" high; Work station with Blum Hardware 22 x 64 x 35 high; Pittsburgh 1000 LB Capacity Motorcycle lift table 27 x 87;

Clark GPX25 Forklift, LP, showing 8904 hours. Forklift will need to stay one week for loadout/delivery, and pickup will be coordinated with the buyer;

Lumber; 15 plus Pallet lots with plywood cut offs; 6 plus pallets poplar and red oak cut offs; 4 Pallets wormy maple, brown maple, mahogany cut offs; Pallet Ash Cut offs; 19pc- 1/2 x 49 x 97 CPC Plywood; 8pc- 1/4 x 49 x 97 Tempered hard board; 4pc- 3/4 x 48 1/2 x 10" Maple plywood; 29pc- 3/4 x 49 x 97 Altra core plywood; Pallet of Cabinet Doors; 2- Wood jobsite boxes 1 -32 1/2 wide x 75 1/2 long x 25" high, 1- 27 1/2 wide x 75 1/2 long x 25"; 61pc- 1/4 x 48 x 96 Mable plywood; 26pc- 3/4 x 48 x 96 maple plywood; 5pc- 3/4 x 48 x 96 red oak mdf; 5pc-3/4 x 48 x 96 cherry MDFs; 5pc- 1/2 x 48 x 96 Maple plywood; Contents of plywood in storage rack 1/4" thru 1"; 26- Cherry wall shelves 8 1/2 x 36"; 17pc- Birch plywood 3/4 x 48 x 96; Lot of Pegboard and 1 pc. Plexiglass; 2100LF 15/16 Poplar lumber 12'long x 1 5/8 Wide S4S Kiln dried lumber; 250BF 5/4 Red Oak 9ft Kiln dried Lumber; 250BF 4/4 Red Oak 12' Kiln dried lumber; 250BF 4/4 Brown maple Kiln dried lumber; 400BF 5/4 Soft white maple Kiln dried Lumber; 68BF 6/4 Birch 8' Kiln dried lumber; 315BF 5/4 Birch 8' Kiln dried lumber; 250BF 4/4 Birch 8' & 12' kiln dried lumber; 400BF 2- 4/4 Sap Birch 12' & 14' Kiln dried lumber; 625BF 5/4 Polar 12'; 350BF 4/4 white oak 8' & 10' Kiln dried lumber; 200BF 4/4 Rift sawn white oak 10' kiln dried lumber; 200BF 4/4 & 5/4 Quarter sawn red oak 8' & 12' kiln dried lumber; 175BF 5/4 Honduran Mahogany 10' kiln dried lumber; 120BF 4/4 Mahogany 10' kiln dried lumber; 100BF 4/4 Alder 10' kiln dried lumber; 125BF Reclaimed barnwood various length- Rustic wormy oak and wormy chestnut; 60BF 4/4 North Eastern Pine 12' kiln dried lumber; 125BF 5/4 North Eastern Pine 12' kiln dried lumber; 175BF 5/4 White oak 12' kiln dried lumber; 90BF 5/4 Hard White maple 12' kiln dried lumber; 120BF 12/4 Honduran Mahogany 12' kiln dried lumber; 125BF 4/4 H. Mahogany kiln dried lumber; 175BF 8/4 H. Mahogany 6' kiln dried lumber; 60BF 5/4 Mahogany 10' kiln dried lumber; 90BF 4/4 Beech 10' kiln dried lumber; 60BF 8/4 Hickory 10' kiln dried lumber; 200BF 8/4 Red oak 10' kiln dried lumber; 80BF 8/4 Polar 12' & 14' kiln dried lumber; 475BF 4/4 Ash 12' kiln dried lumber; 280BF 4/4 Ash 8' kiln dried lumber; 425BF 4/4 Ash 10' kiln dried lumber; 475BF 5/4 Ash 10' kiln dried lumber; Pallet Lot Queen Anne Furniture legs Oak and Cherry; Pallet lot unessembled Queen Anne 1-coffee and 2-end tables red oak; Pallet Lot Queen Anne Furniture legs various wood species;

Storage, Shelving and Racks; Eagle 1947 Storage Fire proof cabinet; Fire King 4 drawer cabinet fireproof - legal size with key lock; 4 Drawer filing cabinet letter size; Shaw-walker parts bin 72 drawer; 2-Drawer filing cabinet letter size; Poly lot 10' high x 105' long x 4' wide Pallet racking with poly flat sheet contents; Shelving and contents; Pallet of pallet racking 9' high x 3' deep x 6' long; 6 section pallet racking 48 x 80; Metal Rack 36x 55 x 32 tall; Pallet racking 87" long x 64" wide x 7' high; Pallet racking 16'-6" long x 43 deep x 12' high includes cabinets with door; Pallet racking 16'-6" long x 43 deep x 12' high; Molding and trim rack 8' wide x 12' long x 126" high; Contents of Molding and trim rack; Pallet Racking 30" deep x 16'-9" wide x 12' high; Pallet Racking 42" deep x 15'-6" wide x 12' high; Pallet Racking 42" deep x 10'-6" wide x 12' high; Counter top storage rack with 1-30 x 196 counter top; Glass and mirrors; 2 - Portable Stairs top step 8' high 67" x 28 1/2 x 125" high; Pallet Racking 29" deep x 16'-9" wide x 12' high; Plywood rack 96" deep x 18' wide x 12' high;

Miscellaneous; Wright dump hopper 36" x 60"; Southworth 60" x 84" lift table 6000 LBS hydraulics NOT Working on casters; 2 Tooling cabinets with overhead lighting; 1-set Scaffolding on casters DVW; Werner 4’ & 6' step ladder; Electric cords w/reel with 25ft yellow jacket cord; NEW 2-Hard hats 2-safty vests; Flat of rivet gun, stapler, cord misc; 1 Woodpecker Precision square, 3-6.25" triangle, 3-4.5" triangle; Box lot chain/ 2" ball/ hitch plate; Work Table with cabinet on casters, 4ft x 8ft; Lock Face Templet 3 608 939 521; Virutex AB11 Biscut Jointer; Reliable door crafter 710 followed by the patterns for this copy jig; Arched Top Set and Cathedral Top set 1/4'' thick precision lexan profiling templates for arched and cathedral topped cabinet doors; Cope Crafter model 10, For coping cabinet doors; Assorted Rails with flip stops-folding Square; Custom made Boring Rail,108'' long jig, 36'' long jig,  4'' center to center with 3/8'' dia drill bushings; New 3M Respirators/ 3M ear plucks; Surcare Sander & Micro finisher includes storage cabinet model #Smf-v4; Solid surface sander includes 6 extra pads; New pricing for this sander and pads is approx $4'000; 5 - Pinske 12' molded back splash jig; 3-Pinske 12' counter top straight edge; 3- Pinske 8' counter top straight edge; 3-Pinske 4' Counter top straight edge; Corian Under Mount sink & Vanity Cameo white Model #8045; Corian Oval sink Glazier white Model #816P Ovfl; Corian under mount sink -Bisque- model #8745; Pinske Cut out Jig; 4-Pinske Angle forms and drain cut out jig 4pcs, PINSKE sink drain board pattern,  PINSKE 90DEG Square, PINSKE 45 deg square, PINSKE Aluminum repair jig; Pallet of various Corian pcs; Braxton-Bragg solid surface and stone counter top drill guides and plug cutting tools and bits; Pallet of Formica; Craftsman 5 drawer tool chest; Craftsman 6 drawer tool chest; Airscoop portable space heater model# 120F w/remote thermostat, 115V-1ph; Snowsport 7' snowplow w/hitch and fits standard automotive receivers; Generac 3000 psi pressure washer; Pallet of Blum drawer slides and Century waste drawer kit; 3- Cannon Ball Barn door track 12'; Workbench with Vise 30 x 92 x 32 high; 22-Furniture blankets most are new with storage chest; Metal office desk L Shape; Router table with Bosch 1617EVS router; Grazia 26 x 88 lift table Hydraulic on casters; Leister Plastic Welder with Welding rod model-TRiAC, 120vTennsco six door lockers New unassembled in box; Pallet lot Nails; Pallet lot Caulking-Furniture hardware; Pallet Lot Bolts-screws-mics wooden parts and rubber glass retainers; Pallet lot Cabinet lights; Pallet lot Misc wood Screws; Pallet lot Bun feet wood turnings oak-cherry-maple; pallet of floor mats; Cart of trim and molding; Pallet lot Wood turnings; Pallet lot Dowels-edge banding- pins-hole plugs -wooden wheels; Pallet lot Accuride Drawer slides many shapes and sizes; Pallet lot Knape and Vogt drawer slides; Pallet lot Vogt industries slides; Pallet lot Furniture hardware; Pallet lot HVAC duck work-sheet metal; Pallet lot Assortment door hinges; Pallet lot 8/32 hardware screws / shelf rests / panel retainers/ hinge screws; Brainard metal Strapper with banding tools clips; Signode strapping cart with clips; Pallet lot knobs-pulls-appliance pulls; 9-Hardware display panels; Lumber storage rack- 8' wide x 12" long x 126" high; Contents of Lumber storage rack, Contains S4S Lumber; Pallet lot Kitchen cabinet parts; 2 wheel dolly bag cart; Yeats alum Appliance dolly; 2- Electric LED Sanding lights; Box lot- 12 boxes new shims, door hardware, wood sample pieces; Wooden dowel rods; Quantity of veneer sheets; Misc office supplies, Includes Large quantity of unused bags and nail aprons, New boxes and bags, approx 1000 - 9 x 16, 3 mil poly bags, approx 250 4 x 4 x 6 boxes, approx 100 12 x 20 burlap bags, and box of nail aprons; 2 boxes of felt bags; Solar Sun Oven NEW cooks by sun rays; 2 Corner shelves, 2 wall shelves, and 2 bottle carriers; 5 sets of un assembled eight gun display; 29 un assembled milking stools; Maple Hutch, 22 x 62 x 77 tall, unfinished; Maple Hutch, 23 x 68 x 83 tall, unfinished; Cabinet base, 24 x 24 x 34 1/2, unfinished; Storage Cabinets with bins and misc plywood; RAM Pool Table lighting; 3 - Un assembled NEW pool tables 7ft; Un assembled NEW pool table Juvenile 33in x 66in; Box lot pool table accessories; Aramith ball sets; 2 sets of pool table pockets and return tubing; 2 Horizontal wall rack. un assembled; 6 Vertical wall cue and accessory rack. un assembled; Leather pockets for pool tables. 1 complete set plus one big box of leather pockets for pool table; 5 sets of legs. plus the display and seven cue rack; 3pc Slate table tops for pool tables;  2 slate 3 pc set for 8ft table; 2 set for 9 ft table; Pallet of pool tables parts and accessories; Steel lumber cart 36x72; 3 = Lumber Cart 36 x 72; Aluminum Truck Ramp 24" x 11ft x 6"; 2-Pallets cement Block; Pallet Brick; Pallet Patio stone; Pallet Polymer cut offs; 7- tires 1ST205/75R15/ 6-P265/70R16 and 265/70R17; Misc Lot Box of corks/ Cardboard dispenser roll- shelves- 4 x 8 partical board 4-wooden stands; Work Risers; Pallet lot 4 Cue stands 2 red oak and 2 cherry, SAMPLE PIC, see all pics; Pallet lot Rockwell Delta Parts; Office Divider Wall 63" high; 3 Tool boxes- airhose; Aluminum stepstool and mason trowels; Large lot repair parts for porter cable routers, sanders, clamps parts including bearings; 62 Red parts bins with removable dividers; Pallet lot Elkay stainless steel sink, hinges, chrome closet rods and new delta faucet; Pallet Lot Heater/ fan/ NEW vinyl mailbox post; Pallet lot Including Basket ball hoop, traps, New vinyl compression exterior door seals;

Terms and Conditions.

Onsite 10% Buyer's Premium plus 3% for Credit Card Payments


Internet Premium: 18%, Cash Payment Discount: 3%
Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check, Wire Transfer, and Cash
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Payment Instructions: Cash, Check, Wire Transfer, and Credit Cards accepted. All credit cards on file with a purchase under $2,000 will be processed at the conclusion of the auction event. Over $2,000 you will be asked to send an alternate payment method at the auction company's discretion. If you are coming to pickup your items on Monday July 25th or Tuesday July 26th 9am- 4pm the week after the auction, and your total is over $2,000 you will be asked to send a wire transfer or bring a certified check for your purchases.
Currency Type: USD
Shipping Instructions: The load out dates are, 22nd after auction, Saturday (23rd) The following week 25th 26th 8am to 4pm and By appointment on 27th, 28th, 29th Contact Emanuel 330-521-8348 for load out questions. Note- All machines are disconnected from power and dust collection and ready to load. We the auction company will be providing free loading per above dates for machines not requiring rigging. All machines that require rigging will be noted on the lot description. Local rigger is Metal Monkey (Nick) 330-231-1490
Preview Date & Times: July 21st 9am-4pm
Checkout Date & Times: The load out dates are, 22nd after auction, Saturday (23rd) The following week 25th 26th 8am to 4pm and By appointment on 27th, 28th, 29th Contact Emanuel 330-521-8348 for load out questions.
Location: 625 Dutch Valley Dr NE, Sugarcreek, OH 44681
Driving Directions: Address for this auction is 625 Dutch Valley Dr NE Sugarcreek Oh 44681


Special Terms

Special Terms Cash, Check, Wire Transfer, and Credit Cards accepted. All items purchased online over $2,000 will be processed following the auction event. All items are sold 'As Is' unless guaranteed by the seller. Air Works Consignment Auction Ltd. acts only as an agent of the seller and assumes no responsibility for seller statements. Buyers are encouraged to inspect items before bidding on them. All items are to be removed from the premises by the purchaser, All items must be removed by July 29th by the purchaser, There will be a $100 per day storage charge to the purchaser on any item left at the Auction grounds after the removal date of July 29th. No charge loading on Monday July 25th or Tuesday July 26th 9am- 4pm In all disputed bids the decision of the auctioneer on the stand is final. The sales price is the price recorded by the clerk on the clerking sheet at the time of the sale. If you question this price we will endeavor to check with the clerk and the auctioneer. However, if they don't recall the item or a difference in price, the price on the clerking sheet shall stand and you are expected to pay for the item. A 18% buyer's premium will be added. Purchaser assumes responsibility for items at the time of purchase (i.e., when the auctioneer declares the item sold). Do not leave items unattended. When an item is sold the buyer is responsible for it, including damage and theft. ITEMS LEFT ON THE LOT 5 DAYS AFTER SALE WILL BECOME PROPERTY OF AIRWORKS CONSIGNMENT AUCTION LTD AND WILL RESOLD OR DISPOSED OF AT THEIR DISCRETION Check Out & Loading: All vehicles must enter the auction area from the designated location. Do not try to enter without your paid receipt or signed release, have a copy of your paid bill to check out items from the lot. Send proof of purchase with your hauler. DO NOT PICK YOUR ITEMS. PLEASE GO TO THE OFFICE AND SOMEONE WILL ASSIST YOU IN PICKING YOUR ITEMS. Assistance for loading heavy equipment is provided as a service to our buyers on Monday and Tuesday following the auction. The lot is closed on Sunday. It is our goal that your auction experience will be a pleasant one. Your understanding and compliance with the above terms will help accomplish this goal.

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