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Meadows Of Dan Farm Service Auction

Meadows Of Dan Farm Service Auction

Huge New Holland Dealership Liquidation

Located at 2934 Jeb Stuart Hwy – Meadows Of Dan – VA 24120

May 23rd & 24th , 2023 Multiple Ring, Live On-Site & Online


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Formerly Meadows of Dan Farm Service (Complete dispersal auction)
New Holland & Ford Dealership Liquidation. Live & Online auction.
Located at 2934 Jeb Stuart Hwy – Meadows Of Dan – VA 24120
Auction date May 24th , 2023 Multiple Ring, Live On-Site & Online.

Preview Date & Times: May 22nd & 23rd 2023 9:00 am to 4:00pm

After 60+ years in business, selling the assets of Meadows Of Dan Farm Service. Complete dispersal including a huge parts inventory department, including alternators, starters, fuel injector pumps, 3-pt hitch parts, mufflers, filters & seals, crankshafts, pistons, cylinders, radiators, paint, water pumps, air cleaners. Large assortment of bolts, fuses, hoses, fittings, belts, shelving galore.

Contents of service shop, specialty tractor tools, lots of hand tools, tool chests, hyd. hose press, parts washer, torch set, metal lathe, hyd. rams, drill press, acetylene set, electric welder, parts manuals and much more.

Implements & Attachments, lots of new motors, Homelite generators, hundreds of backhoe and skid steer buckets, hundreds of new tires, dozens of mower decks, ford tractor.

May 23rd 5PM 1-Ring evening onsite auction & BBQ dinner. (Hand tools, Power tools, Vises, Chains, smaller items)

May 24th Onsite/Online. Ring#1  Starting 9AM (Garden tractors, Heavy equipment, Diesel engines, all outside rows)

May 24th Onsite/Online. Ring#2 Starting 9.30AM (Top building- New Generators, saws, Service shop equipment)  (Bottom building, Tractor- Canopys, roll bar assy, new seats) Off catalog items in bottom building.  

May 24th Onsite crowd only. Ring#3 Starting 10AM (Hand & Power tools, Shelfing, misc contents)

Partial Listing

Roadside Ford New Holland Sign, Includes sign and post; Ford New Holland Dealership sign, approx 94 x 96 inches; 4 = Ford Tractors Dealership sign, approx. 94 x 96 inches; Ford LGT 14D Diesel with mower blade Umbrella and trailer; Jacobsen Homelite Mower; 4 = Lambert utility dump cart 30x45 1/2 bed; Parker dump trailer 34 x 58 bed; 2 = Ohio Steel Fabricators dump trailer 30 x 45 bed; New Holland 657E Backhoe; Power horse 4000Watt Generator; 3000TSI Pressure washer; Part # CF-464 Stone power trowl 4ft.; Part # S-38A Stoneplate Compactor; Part # EGV55AHKSG 3 Point Skidder Attacment Brand New deluxe with Remote controls; Hoop building 35 x 64 single arch building sold by Valley Hoop structures white with black grey; Serial # C333979 Ford Tractor 2374 hr meter shows probably more; Speeco Fieldmaster 3 Point Post hole digger includes 3 Augers, 1-24". 1-12", 1-8"; 3 Ponit Scarrifier 6' wide; Ford Flail Mower 93" width; Model 333H New Engine, Replaced bearing at 10 hours, SN 727238; Rebuilt Motor, fits 6610 tractor, SN E6NN6015-CD; Overhauled 575TLB Motor, Turbo may need service, SN FONN6015-CB; Complete Rebuilt 5610 Motor, SN E1 NN 6015- CD; 555D Motor w/ rebuilt Sleeves, SN F0 NN 6015-CB; Complete 7610-7710 Motor w/ rebuilt sleeves, SN- E6 NN 6015-CD; LX665 Rebuilt Engine, Model N844, SN 44924; Complete 7610 Motor w/ rebuilt sleeves, SN- D5 NN 6015-T5; Complete 7610S Engine w/ rebuilt sleeves, rings, bearing, SN- E9 NN 6015-AM; 5600 Complete Rebuilt Engine, SN D5 NN 6015-AM; Rebuilt Motor Fits 7700, SN E1 NN 6015; Model 450T/PF Rebuilt Engine, approx 2000 hours, SN 947266; Part No. 256 Rebuilt Engine, low hrs, very good condition, SN C7NN6015-AJ; 555D Rebuilt Engine, sn 87-840-643; TW20 Engine, rebuilt sleeves, rings, bearings, SN DBNN-6015DA; 545D Engine, rebuilt bearings, approx 10 hrs, sn 87-840-643; Iveco NEW engine, 304TLB, model 304T CID, SN 09469-1-05-99; Rebuilt 340A Engine, new sleeves, sn D5nn6015F; 7710 Engine, rebuilt sleeves, bearings, SN E1NN-6015-J; TL260 Engine w/ rebuilt sleeves and bearings, sn F0NN-6015-BA; Rebuilt 294 engine w/ rebuilt rings, bearings, pistons, needs element, sn 87840643; 4610 Engine rebuilt w/ sleeves/ bearings, sn E2NN6015BC; 2910 Rebuilt Engine, sn E6NN6015AA; 7600 Engine, very good engine, SN E1 NN 6015 JC; TW75 Iveco Engine, repaired, approx 25 hours; 7610-7710 Rebuilt Engine, sn D5NN6015J; NEW Short Block 401 cubic engine, SN D5NN6015L; 333 New Engine Block, SN E7NN6015BA; Rebuilt 800 Engine, includes cylinders in photos; 444 Engine rebuilt to .020, SN D5NN6015J T5; 3910 Rebuilt Engine, sn D5NN6015G; Low Power 340 Core, sn E6NN6015 BA; 333H Core, 87 800 157, SN 737725; 5610 Engine Core, sn E1 NN 6015 JC; Ford 3430 Engine Core, SN E7NN6015BA; 444T 7000 Engine Core, SN D4NN6015T5; 2910 Ford 333 CORE; 444T Engine Core, SN F0 NN 6015 CA; Ford 8000 Engine, maybe blown CORE; 2600 Tractor motor, tractor was wrecked at approx 1500 hours, should be a good motor; 256 Engine Core, SN E0NN6015AA; 7000 Engine Core, SN D4NN6015T5; LX665 Rebuilt Engine, model N844-T-L65X-03. SN 105897; 3910 Engine 256 Core, SN D1NN6015B; TW20 engine Core, SN D8NN-6015DA; 5000 Engine 256 Core, SN D1NN6015B; 4600 Engine Core 333 Cubic, Model 333E, SN 737773; 555D Backhoe Transmission; 8600 Series Front Axel 4 Wheel Drive, was used as a demo; 8- 3 cylinder engine heads; 8- 4 cylinder engine heads; 6- 3 cylinder engine heads and 1 4 Cylinder engine head; 8 = ASST BELTS, SEE FULL DESCRIPTION FOR PART NUMBERS; Pallet of Injector pump; Box turbo cores; Pallet of Injector pump; Pallet of alltanator and starter cores; Pallet of alltanator and generator cores; 3- Fuel Tanks, part no. D6NN9002E; 4- misc fuel tanks; Asst Hoods and sheet metal; Asst Hoods and Fuel Tanks; Front Tractor Grill ; 2- Tractor Fenders; Fuel Tank and Sheet metal; Ford Hood; Ford Sheet Metal and Fender; Asst. Ford Hoods; Fuel Tanks Brackets, set of Steps, sheet metal and yellow hood; Asst. Ford Grills; Ford Grills; Asst. Grills, Parker Lawn Sweeper; Tractor Steps; 14 - Guards; Shield, part no. E7NN6N020FC; 29- pieces of asst Ford Sheet Metal; Metal Tractor Seat; Plastic Backhoe fender, part no. 85801610; 2- Asst. Ford Grills; 4- Asst. Ford Grills; 3- Asst. Ford Grills; Part # 9861893 Backhoe attchment model # 758B; Part # 715447001 Model # 756B Backhoe attachment; Part # 9616214 Backhoe attchment model # 756B; Part # 715447001 Model # 756B Backhoe attachment; Part # 18-087 New Holland 18" Bucket; Part # 18-087 Ford 18" Bucket; 2- Part # 18-087 New Holland 18" Bucket; Part # 18-087 New Holland 18" Bucket; 2- Part # 18-087 Ford 18" Bucket; Part # 18-087 Ford 18" Bucket; Part # F555 7.4 Cu. WB 18" Bucket; 1 Ford 18" 1 WB 18" Bucket; 41 - 18" Buckets; 1-18", 1-12", 1-30" Buckets; 3- Part # 18-087 Ford 18" Bucket; Part # 18-087 New Holland 18" Bucket; 1-WB, 12" 1-18" Ford 1-24 WB Bucket; 15 = WB 18" Buckets; 12- 18" WB Bucket; ; 29" Bucket; 36" Bucket; 24" Bucket; 18" mini Bucket; 16" Mini Bucket; 2 = 12" Bucket; 5 = WB 12" Bucket; 7- 24" WB Buckets; WB Ripper; 3 = Part # 11V16555D Hensley 15" Bucket; 12" Smooth bucket; 1-WB 18", 2-18" Buckets; 1-10" Tooth bucket, 1-18" Smooth Bucket; WB 18" Buckets; Hensley 17" Buckets; 17" Bucket;

Terms; Cash, Check, Credit Card Wire Transfer. 10% Buyer’s Premium On-Site, 15% Buyer’s Premium Online & Max Bid Program. Pick Up/Load Out; All items must be picked up within 7 days after the auction. Free loading by owner with forklift. Palletizing and crating available at a cost. For load out questions call Dennis 937-892-0070

All items are sold “as is, where is with no warranty expressed or implied.

In all disputed bids the decision of the auctioneer on the stand is final. The sales price is the price recorded by the clerk on the clerking sheet at the time of the sale. If you question this price we will endeavor to check with the clerk and the auctioneer. However, if they don't recall the item or a difference in price, the price on the clerking sheet shall stand and you are expected to pay for the item.

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