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Woodworking Equipment

4th Annual Woodworking Auction Sept. 22

4th Annual Woodworking Auction

13071 Emerson Rd. Kidron OH 44636

September 22, 2023, Onsite & Online

Accepting Consignments For This Auction

Table & Rip Saws; New Cantek TA10-5 table saw w/50in fence, 230v 3ph; New Oliver 4016 10in table saw w/52in fence, 220v 3ph; New Oliver 10040 10in table saw w/52in fence, 115v; Sawstop ICS 10in table saw w/52in fence & mobile base, 5hp, 230v 1ph; 2019 Stonewood STO-320 gang rip saw, 230/460v 3ph; 2017 Felder K540S table saw, 10ft travel, 76in cut off w/extension up to 103in, 51in fence, lineshaft ready, works good, no scoring blade; 2000 Griggio sliding table saw w/Tiger fence, 230v 3ph; Griggio 16in sliding table saw, 208v 3ph; Delta 36-812 10in Unisaw w/Biesmeyer fence, hyd; Delta 36-812 Unisaw, 10in tilt arbor, 230v 3ph; Delta 34-806 Unisaw, 10in tilt arbor, 230v 3ph; Delta 34-461F Unisaw, 10in tilt arbor, 230v 3ph; Mereen Johnson 312-SR gang rip saw, 1 moving blade, touch screen controller, hyd and 120v 1 ph; 2018 Northtech NT SLR-14SC straight line rip saw, 230v 3ph; 1998 Northtech SRS-12 straight line rip saw, 230v 3ph; Cantek C12MRL straightline ripsaw, 52 hp, 575v; Elkstrom Carlson straightline rip saw, model E, controlled w/VFD, good condition; Delta 10in contractors table saw, lineshaft; Rojek 8ft sliding table saw, electric; Grizzly G0715P 10in table saw, lineshaft; Exaktor sliding table attachment; 2 = Grizzly 64176 table saw feed, ¼ hp air; Excaliber sliding table; Cutoff Saws; Whirlwind 212 18in upcut saw, right hand, lineshaft; Whirlwind 212 18in upcut saw, left hand, hyd; 2 = Whirlwind 18in upcut saw, hyd; MVM DM-10 cutoff saw, 10in blade, air; CTD 12in angle chop saw, hyd; Pistorius DG-12-P double miter saw, 230/460v 3ph; Dewalt 12in compound miter saw, air; 1998 Delta 33-072 16in radial arm saw, 230/460v 3ph; Delta 33-411 16in radial arm saw, 230v 3ph; Omga FP4000 push feed system, 120v; Delta 34-080 10in miter saw, 120v; Dewalt GA radial arm saw w/flip stop fence, 110v; 2002 MEC 300ST 12in cutoff saw w/stand & flip stop fence, 230v; Planers; New Stonewood 24AH planer, w/helical head, 230v 3ph; New Oliver 16in planer w/helical head, 220v 1ph; 2016 Ironwood DSP2500 double sided planer, 230/460v 3ph; Delta Rockwell 22.503 planer, 24in straight knife, electric; Delta RC63N planer, 24in spiral cutterhead, electric; Buss double sided 30in planer, 230v 3ph; Baxter 24in planer, no motor; Buss DL 30in straight knife planer w/knife grinder, hyd; Delta Rockwell 22-500 24in straight knife planer, 3ph; Woodmaster 25in sporal head planer, lineshaft; Jointers; New Powermatic 54HH 6in jointer w/helical head,  115/230v, 1ph; Northfield 12LD 12in straight knife jointer, hyd; Powermatic 60 jointer; Buffalo BPJ-6 jointer, 6in straight knife, hyd; 1998 Bridgewood jointer w/8in straight knife, 110/220v; Delta jointer, w/6in spiral head, lineshaft; Sanders; New Oliver 5385 37in wide belt sander, single head, 20 hp, 220v 3ph; Cantek Duro3703 37in triple head widebelt sander, 460v 3ph; Powermatic WB-37 wide belt sander, 37in wide single head, 3ph; Sanding Master SC5B2-900 double head 37in widebelt sander, 240v 3ph; Cemco 2000 double head widebelt sander, 43in wide, hyd; Timesaver 137-1HD single head widebelt sander, 208/230v 3ph; Sandingmaster 3000 37in triple head planer sander, air tracking, lineshaft; Edge & Drum Sanders; 1999 DMC US-2000M2 54in orbital sander, 460v 3ph; 2010 Timesaver WS300-4 molder sander, 230v 3ph; Larick 732-S profile sander, 230v 3ph; Custom edge sander, lineshaft; 4 spindle drum sander, lineshaft; Crouch 66-48 edge sander, 230/460v 3ph; Powermatic OES9138 edge sander; Powermatic 013 edge sander, hyd; 1998 Bridgewood BW80P edge sander, 6 x 90 belt, 110/220v; Shop Built belt sander, 6in x 120in belt, hyd; Linmac OVS-1 spindle sander w/6 heads; 2005 Model 600 cross grain sander w/6 Dynabrade orbital air sanders, 120v; Jet 22 to 44 oscillating drum sander, lineshaft; Dovetailers; 2015 Northtech DTM-ISA-EX dovetailer, 230v 3ph; Downdraft Tables; New DustPro 3672 downdraft table, 110v; Molders; 1998 Weinig Unimat23E 6 head molder, 460v 3ph; Shapers; New Oliver 4705 shaper, 3/4in and 1.25in spindles, 220v 3ph; Extrema ET100 shaper, 1 ¼ in spindle, lineshaft;; Delta shaper, 3/4in spindle, lineshaft; Custom made shaper, 1.25in spindle, lineshaft; Grizzly shaper w/interchangeable spindle; Door Machine; Unique 310 door machine, 230/460v 3ph; Unique 3450 mortise & tenon miter frame door machine, CNC, 240v; Lathe; Centuro TM1600 copy lathe, lineshaft; Routers; Pertici Univer FC105F copy router, 220v 3ph; Bandsaws; New Stonewood SBW6300H 24in bandsaw w/quick release blade & foot pedal stop switch, 220v 3ph; Boring Machines; New Stonewood 13 spindle line boring machine, 32mm centers, 115v; Castle LB30 30 spindle line boring machine, hyd; Pocket Plus pocket hole machine on stand, air; 2012 Griggio GF-23 line boring machine, 23 spindle, 230v 3ph; Oliver 82-D double spindle boring machine, electric; Grass hinge boring machine, 115v; Kreg DK1100FP pocket hole machine, air; Drill Presses; New Oliver 10061 14in drill press, 115v; 12in floor drill press, 110v; General drill press, air powered; Jet Jet-14m bench top 12in drill press; 1995 CH16N 16in benchtop 12 speed drill press, 110v; Clamp Machine; New Doucet NWR6 clamp rack, includes 8-40in clamps w/2.5in jaws; 2001 20 section Taylor Clamp carrier w/8-36in x4in clamps per section, 8.5ft glue capacity, automatic tightener & flatener, hyd & electric, good condition; Taylor M391 clamp carrier, 40 sections, 6 = 8.5in wide x 32in clamps per section, hyd, good condition; JLT drawer clamp; Dust Collectors; New Nederman S-1000 dust collector, 10 hp, 5,000 cfm, 230/460v 3ph; 1994 Shen King UFO-103B dust collector, 220v 3ph; Cyclone w/6in inlet; 2 = Oneida dust collector cyclones w/6in inlet; 2 = 2012 Denray 3444B down draft tables, 34in x 44in, 230/460v 3ph; 1999 Tempest cyclone dust collector; 1995 Grizzly dust collector, 110/220v; Edge Banders; 2006 Cehisa PRO-7 edge bander, 230v 3ph; Frued EB100 edge bander w/cabinet; Midwest Contour CM1000 edge bander, 230v 3ph; Chair Equipment; Chair leg leveler, lineshaft; Chair seat shaper, lineshaft; Chair seat edge sander, air powered; Chair back sander, lineshaft; Chair back drill, lineshaft; Chair seat drill, air powered; Fox 30 seat marker; 2=Binks PFA-16-10-T-LH spray booth w/vertical 16,000 cfm exhaust fan, 7 ft deep x 15ft wide x 10ft high, includes overhead lighting, 230v 3ph, manual included; Misc.; Delta 36-850 3 roll power feed, w/old table saw, 110v; 2000 Bridgeport AP/44 power feed, 4 rolls, 220v 1ph; Maggi power feed; 2016 Georgetown Sales 2200 lb. lift; Tiger Stop w/10ft table and stand, 110v;  Josef Kihlberg B-PNbox stapler, air; Presto air powered lift; 2-Econo tilt lifts; Air Motors, Air Tools, Pipe Clamps, Shaper Cutters, Router Bits Variety Of Clamps, Drill Bits, 20+ Shop Carts, Wooden Parts Bins, Collapsible Metal Bins, Plastic Parts Bins, 4' X 8' Furniture Carts, Work Benches, Furniture Blankets, Air Clutches, Pulleys, Gear Boxes, Bolt Bin, Pallet Racking, Shelving, 52in wide x 76in long umber carts; Uline H-87 heatsealer, like new; Inscale IN7620 pallet scale, 5000 lb, electric; 1000 gallon air tank; 9 large round live edge slabs, 2.5in thick; 5 wormy maple live edge slabs, 6ft x 2.5in thick; 40 wormy maple live edge slabs, 2.5in thick; Skid of 2.5in thick live edge slabs; 40 wormy maple live edge slabs; 1180 bdft 4/4 wormy maple from 8 to 14ft long; Custom roller conveyor, 54in wide x 110in long; Mullet wood n coal furnace; 1988 Rollift HDT6468AA 150lb. handcrank lift; Dado set; 3 strand green chain conveyor, 7ft x 13ft; Hyd. pumps; 8 = New 24in x 36in platform carts, plastic; New Milwaukee 2880-22 paddle switch grinder kit; New Milwaukee 0886-20P M18 jobsite fan kit; New Milwaukee 48-11-1880 XC8.0 M18 red lithium battery; New Makita XT269M lithion-Ion brushless hammer drill/impact driver kit; Dewalt jobsite fan; 2 finish room drying rakes; 2 turn tables; Kremlin air finish pump and spray gun; Storage shed set up for finishing, 14ft x 16ft w/exhaust fan and 8ft overhead door; 2 wheeled carts; 3 = Werner 2112 20in 12ft aluminum walk planks; 2 Josef Kihlberg carton staples; Heavy duty 4 wheeled raised shop cart; 2007 Woodmizer LTPROCBN-110 bandsaw sharpener; 2012 Keystone Machinery 972 pencil pointer, 3 ph; 

Heavy Equipment; Toyota 8FGU18 forklift, 3100 lb, 3 stage, 5580 hrs, propane; Doosan G30E-3 forklift, 6000 lb., triple mast, propane; Tailift PFG18 forklift, 120 hrs, 2500 lb., 2 stage mast, propane; 2015 Yale 36TE082 battery forklift, 36v, 3,600 lb lift; 2019 Moritz 20ft w/5ft dovetail gooseneck trailer w/2 7,000lb axles, custom tarp system, metal diamond plate floor; Power Units; John Deere 6329 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 100 hp, low hrs; John Deere 6068 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 160 hp, 1200 hrs; Deutz D914L06 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 125 hp, rebuilt; Deutz F5L912 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 90 hp, rebuilt; Deutz F3L912 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 48 hp, reconditioned; Deutz F4L912 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 80 hp, internal balance, no vibration; Kubota 1305, 32 hp, rebuilt w/centrifugal pulley; 1984 Cat 3406B power unit, 164 hrs on rebuilt, 350 hp, twin disc PEC clutch, runs good; Thermoking 40 hp. hydraulic power unit; Toyota 40 hp. Hydraulic power unit; Yanmar power unit w/clutch, control panel, 17 hp, 600 hrs on rebuilt; Compressors; Quincy QTV-10 air compressor on 120-gallon vertical tank, 230v 3ph; Generators; 2012 Cat 3406 genset, 320 kw, works good; Lima Mac generator, 40 kw, 120 amps, 120/240v 3ph; 2003 Iveco 8035.05.562 genset, 46 hp, 4211 hrs; Belt driven generator;

Auction Terms and Information: Cash, Check or Credit Card w/valid ID. There will be a 10% buyer’s premium on-site and a 15% buyer’s premium for Online bidding with an additional 3% for all credit card purchases.

Check Out & Loading: Buyers will need to have a paid receipt before loading. Auction staff assistance for loading is available on sale day to 6:00 PM, on Sat. Sept. 23, from 8:00 AM to 12 noon, and the following week Mon. & Tue. from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. On Wed. 8AM to 12 Noon. Loading with 4,000 lb. forklift available at no charge.

Consignment Unloading Schedule: Tue. & Wed. Sept 19th & 20st from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Out of the area customers may bring their items on Thursday but please call in advance to schedule. Thanks


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