PO 242 • Kidron OH • 44636

4th Annual Woodworking Auction Sept. 22

13071 Emerson Rd. Apple Creek OH 44606
September 22nd, 2023 to September 22nd, 2023
9:00 AM

4th Annual Woodworking Auction

13071 Emerson Rd. Kidron OH 44636

September 22, 2023, Onsite & Online

Accepting Consignments For This Auction

Table & Rip Saws; New Cantek TA10-5 table saw w/50in fence, 230v 3ph; New Oliver 4016 10in table saw w/52in fence, 220v 3ph; New Oliver 10040 10in table saw w/52in fence, 115v; Sawstop ICS 10in table saw w/52in fence & mobile base, 5hp, 230v 1ph; 2019 Stonewood STO-320 gang rip saw, 230/460v 3ph; 2017 Felder K540S table saw, 10ft travel, 76in cut off w/extension up to 103in, 51in fence, lineshaft ready, works good, no scoring blade; 2000 Griggio sliding table saw w/Tiger fence, 230v 3ph; Griggio 16in sliding table saw, 208v 3ph; Delta 36-812 10in Unisaw w/Biesmeyer fence, hyd; Delta 36-812 Unisaw, 10in tilt arbor, 230v 3ph; Delta 34-806 Unisaw, 10in tilt arbor, 230v 3ph; Delta 34-461F Unisaw, 10in tilt arbor, 230v 3ph; Mereen Johnson 312-SR gang rip saw, 1 moving blade, touch screen controller, hyd and 120v 1 ph; 2018 Northtech NT SLR-14SC straight line rip saw, 230v 3ph; 1998 Northtech SRS-12 straight line rip saw, 230v 3ph; Cantek C12MRL straightline ripsaw, 52 hp, 575v; Elkstrom Carlson straightline rip saw, model E, controlled w/VFD, good condition; Delta 10in contractors table saw, lineshaft; Rojek 8ft sliding table saw, electric; Grizzly G0715P 10in table saw, lineshaft; Exaktor sliding table attachment; 2 = Grizzly 64176 table saw feed, ¼ hp air; Excaliber sliding table; Cutoff Saws; Whirlwind 212 18in upcut saw, right hand, lineshaft; Whirlwind 212 18in upcut saw, left hand, hyd; 2 = Whirlwind 18in upcut saw, hyd; MVM DM-10 cutoff saw, 10in blade, air; CTD 12in angle chop saw, hyd; Pistorius DG-12-P double miter saw, 230/460v 3ph; Dewalt 12in compound miter saw, air; 1998 Delta 33-072 16in radial arm saw, 230/460v 3ph; Delta 33-411 16in radial arm saw, 230v 3ph; Omga FP4000 push feed system, 120v; Delta 34-080 10in miter saw, 120v; Dewalt GA radial arm saw w/flip stop fence, 110v; 2002 MEC 300ST 12in cutoff saw w/stand & flip stop fence, 230v; Planers; New Stonewood 24AH planer, w/helical head, 230v 3ph; New Oliver 16in planer w/helical head, 220v 1ph; 2016 Ironwood DSP2500 double sided planer, 230/460v 3ph; Delta Rockwell 22.503 planer, 24in straight knife, electric; Delta RC63N planer, 24in spiral cutterhead, electric; Buss double sided 30in planer, 230v 3ph; Baxter 24in planer, no motor; Buss DL 30in straight knife planer w/knife grinder, hyd; Delta Rockwell 22-500 24in straight knife planer, 3ph; Woodmaster 25in sporal head planer, lineshaft; Jointers; New Powermatic 54HH 6in jointer w/helical head,  115/230v, 1ph; Northfield 12LD 12in straight knife jointer, hyd; Powermatic 60 jointer; Buffalo BPJ-6 jointer, 6in straight knife, hyd; 1998 Bridgewood jointer w/8in straight knife, 110/220v; Delta jointer, w/6in spiral head, lineshaft; Sanders; New Oliver 5385 37in wide belt sander, single head, 20 hp, 220v 3ph; Cantek Duro3703 37in triple head widebelt sander, 460v 3ph; Powermatic WB-37 wide belt sander, 37in wide single head, 3ph; Sanding Master SC5B2-900 double head 37in widebelt sander, 240v 3ph; Cemco 2000 double head widebelt sander, 43in wide, hyd; Timesaver 137-1HD single head widebelt sander, 208/230v 3ph; Sandingmaster 3000 37in triple head planer sander, air tracking, lineshaft; Edge & Drum Sanders; 1999 DMC US-2000M2 54in orbital sander, 460v 3ph; 2010 Timesaver WS300-4 molder sander, 230v 3ph; Larick 732-S profile sander, 230v 3ph; Custom edge sander, lineshaft; 4 spindle drum sander, lineshaft; Crouch 66-48 edge sander, 230/460v 3ph; Powermatic OES9138 edge sander; Powermatic 013 edge sander, hyd; 1998 Bridgewood BW80P edge sander, 6 x 90 belt, 110/220v; Shop Built belt sander, 6in x 120in belt, hyd; Linmac OVS-1 spindle sander w/6 heads; 2005 Model 600 cross grain sander w/6 Dynabrade orbital air sanders, 120v; Jet 22 to 44 oscillating drum sander, lineshaft; Dovetailers; 2015 Northtech DTM-ISA-EX dovetailer, 230v 3ph; Downdraft Tables; New DustPro 3672 downdraft table, 110v; Molders; 1998 Weinig Unimat23E 6 head molder, 460v 3ph; Shapers; New Oliver 4705 shaper, 3/4in and 1.25in spindles, 220v 3ph; Extrema ET100 shaper, 1 ¼ in spindle, lineshaft;; Delta shaper, 3/4in spindle, lineshaft; Custom made shaper, 1.25in spindle, lineshaft; Grizzly shaper w/interchangeable spindle; Door Machine; Unique 310 door machine, 230/460v 3ph; Unique 3450 mortise & tenon miter frame door machine, CNC, 240v; Lathe; Centuro TM1600 copy lathe, lineshaft; Routers; Pertici Univer FC105F copy router, 220v 3ph; Bandsaws; New Stonewood SBW6300H 24in bandsaw w/quick release blade & foot pedal stop switch, 220v 3ph; Boring Machines; New Stonewood 13 spindle line boring machine, 32mm centers, 115v; Castle LB30 30 spindle line boring machine, hyd; Pocket Plus pocket hole machine on stand, air; 2012 Griggio GF-23 line boring machine, 23 spindle, 230v 3ph; Oliver 82-D double spindle boring machine, electric; Grass hinge boring machine, 115v; Kreg DK1100FP pocket hole machine, air; Drill Presses; New Oliver 10061 14in drill press, 115v; 12in floor drill press, 110v; General drill press, air powered; Jet Jet-14m bench top 12in drill press; 1995 CH16N 16in benchtop 12 speed drill press, 110v; Clamp Machine; New Doucet NWR6 clamp rack, includes 8-40in clamps w/2.5in jaws; 2001 20 section Taylor Clamp carrier w/8-36in x4in clamps per section, 8.5ft glue capacity, automatic tightener & flatener, hyd & electric, good condition; Taylor M391 clamp carrier, 40 sections, 6 = 8.5in wide x 32in clamps per section, hyd, good condition; JLT drawer clamp; Dust Collectors; New Nederman S-1000 dust collector, 10 hp, 5,000 cfm, 230/460v 3ph; 1994 Shen King UFO-103B dust collector, 220v 3ph; Cyclone w/6in inlet; 2 = Oneida dust collector cyclones w/6in inlet; 2 = 2012 Denray 3444B down draft tables, 34in x 44in, 230/460v 3ph; 1999 Tempest cyclone dust collector; 1995 Grizzly dust collector, 110/220v; Edge Banders; 2006 Cehisa PRO-7 edge bander, 230v 3ph; Frued EB100 edge bander w/cabinet; Midwest Contour CM1000 edge bander, 230v 3ph; Chair Equipment; Chair leg leveler, lineshaft; Chair seat shaper, lineshaft; Chair seat edge sander, air powered; Chair back sander, lineshaft; Chair back drill, lineshaft; Chair seat drill, air powered; Fox 30 seat marker; 2=Binks PFA-16-10-T-LH spray booth w/vertical 16,000 cfm exhaust fan, 7 ft deep x 15ft wide x 10ft high, includes overhead lighting, 230v 3ph, manual included; Misc.; Delta 36-850 3 roll power feed, w/old table saw, 110v; 2000 Bridgeport AP/44 power feed, 4 rolls, 220v 1ph; Maggi power feed; 2016 Georgetown Sales 2200 lb. lift; Tiger Stop w/10ft table and stand, 110v;  Josef Kihlberg B-PNbox stapler, air; Presto air powered lift; 2-Econo tilt lifts; Air Motors, Air Tools, Pipe Clamps, Shaper Cutters, Router Bits Variety Of Clamps, Drill Bits, 20+ Shop Carts, Wooden Parts Bins, Collapsible Metal Bins, Plastic Parts Bins, 4' X 8' Furniture Carts, Work Benches, Furniture Blankets, Air Clutches, Pulleys, Gear Boxes, Bolt Bin, Pallet Racking, Shelving, 52in wide x 76in long umber carts; Uline H-87 heatsealer, like new; Inscale IN7620 pallet scale, 5000 lb, electric; 1000 gallon air tank; 9 large round live edge slabs, 2.5in thick; 5 wormy maple live edge slabs, 6ft x 2.5in thick; 40 wormy maple live edge slabs, 2.5in thick; Skid of 2.5in thick live edge slabs; 40 wormy maple live edge slabs; 1180 bdft 4/4 wormy maple from 8 to 14ft long; Custom roller conveyor, 54in wide x 110in long; Mullet wood n coal furnace; 1988 Rollift HDT6468AA 150lb. handcrank lift; Dado set; 3 strand green chain conveyor, 7ft x 13ft; Hyd. pumps; 8 = New 24in x 36in platform carts, plastic; New Milwaukee 2880-22 paddle switch grinder kit; New Milwaukee 0886-20P M18 jobsite fan kit; New Milwaukee 48-11-1880 XC8.0 M18 red lithium battery; New Makita XT269M lithion-Ion brushless hammer drill/impact driver kit; Dewalt jobsite fan; 2 finish room drying rakes; 2 turn tables; Kremlin air finish pump and spray gun; Storage shed set up for finishing, 14ft x 16ft w/exhaust fan and 8ft overhead door; 2 wheeled carts; 3 = Werner 2112 20in 12ft aluminum walk planks; 2 Josef Kihlberg carton staples; Heavy duty 4 wheeled raised shop cart; 2007 Woodmizer LTPROCBN-110 bandsaw sharpener; 2012 Keystone Machinery 972 pencil pointer, 3 ph; 

Heavy Equipment; Toyota 8FGU18 forklift, 3100 lb, 3 stage, 5580 hrs, propane; Doosan G30E-3 forklift, 6000 lb., triple mast, propane; Tailift PFG18 forklift, 120 hrs, 2500 lb., 2 stage mast, propane; 2015 Yale 36TE082 battery forklift, 36v, 3,600 lb lift; 2019 Moritz 20ft w/5ft dovetail gooseneck trailer w/2 7,000lb axles, custom tarp system, metal diamond plate floor; Power Units; John Deere 6329 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 100 hp, low hrs; John Deere 6068 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 160 hp, 1200 hrs; Deutz D914L06 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 125 hp, rebuilt; Deutz F5L912 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 90 hp, rebuilt; Deutz F3L912 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 48 hp, reconditioned; Deutz F4L912 w/clutch & Murphy controls, 80 hp, internal balance, no vibration; Kubota 1305, 32 hp, rebuilt w/centrifugal pulley; 1984 Cat 3406B power unit, 164 hrs on rebuilt, 350 hp, twin disc PEC clutch, runs good; Thermoking 40 hp. hydraulic power unit; Toyota 40 hp. Hydraulic power unit; Yanmar power unit w/clutch, control panel, 17 hp, 600 hrs on rebuilt; Compressors; Quincy QTV-10 air compressor on 120-gallon vertical tank, 230v 3ph; Generators; 2012 Cat 3406 genset, 320 kw, works good; Lima Mac generator, 40 kw, 120 amps, 120/240v 3ph; 2003 Iveco 8035.05.562 genset, 46 hp, 4211 hrs; Belt driven generator;

Auction Terms and Information: Cash, Check or Credit Card w/valid ID. There will be a 10% buyer’s premium on-site and a 15% buyer’s premium for Online bidding with an additional 3% for all credit card purchases.

Check Out & Loading: Buyers will need to have a paid receipt before loading. Auction staff assistance for loading is available on sale day to 6:00 PM, on Sat. Sept. 23, from 8:00 AM to 12 noon, and the following week Mon. & Tue. from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. On Wed. 8AM to 12 Noon. Loading with 4,000 lb. forklift available at no charge.

Consignment Unloading Schedule: Tue. & Wed. Sept 19th & 20st from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Out of the area customers may bring their items on Thursday but please call in advance to schedule. Thanks


Air Works Auction                                        Ph. 330-749-4362

PO Box 242                                                  Fax 330-816-0006

Kidron OH 44636                                 office@airworksauction.com 


Woodworking Equipment

Onsite 10% Buyer's Premium plus 3% for Credit Card Payments


Internet Premium: 15%
Cash Payment Discount:
Participation Requirements: 
Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval
Payment Options: 
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check, Wire Transfer, and Cash   Visa    MasterCard    Discover    American Express  
Payment Instructions: 
Cash, Check, Wire Transfer, and Credit Cards accepted. All credit cards on file with a purchase under $2,000 will be processed at the conclusion of the auction event. Over $2,000 you will be asked to send an alternate payment method at the auction company's discretion. If you are coming to pick up your items the week after the auction, and your total is over $2,000 you will be asked to send a wire transfer or bring a certified check for your purchases.
Currency Type: 

Shipping Instructions:. By customer pick up only. Will load hired truckers if he brings a paid invoice and bill of lading is provided.  If you have any questions please contact load out manager Emanual Miller (Phone 330-749-7259 )

Check Out & Loading: Buyers will need to have a paid receipt before loading. Auction staff assistance for loading is available on sale day to 6:00 PM, on Sat. Sept. 23, from 8:00 AM to 12 noon, and the following week Mon. & Tue. from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. On Wed. 8AM to 12 Noon. Loading with 4,000 lb. forklift available at no charge.

All things left on site after Sept. 27th at 12noon will become the property of the Air Works auction. No exceptions

Preview Date & Times: Sept. 21st
 8am to 4pm

Location: 13071 EMERSON RD, Apple Creek, OH 44606
Signs posted.

Auction office Phone 330-749-4362 

Special Terms

All items are sold 'As Is' unless guaranteed by the seller. Air Works Consignment Auction Ltd. acts only as an agent of the seller and assumes no responsibility for seller statements. Buyers are encouraged to inspect items before bidding on them. All items are to be removed from the premises by the purchaser. All items must be removed by October 12th by the purchaser, There will be a $100 per day storage charge to the purchaser on any item left at the Auction grounds after the removal date of Sept. 27th . In all disputed bids the decision of the auctioneer on the stand is final. The sales price is the price recorded by the clerk on the clerking sheet at the time of the sale. If you question this price we will endeavor to check with the clerk and the auctioneer. However, if they don't recall the item or a difference in price, the price on the clerking sheet shall stand and you are expected to pay for the item. Purchaser assumes responsibility for items at the time of purchase (i.e., when the auctioneer declares the item sold). Do not leave items unattended. When an item is sold the buyer is responsible for it, including damage and theft. ITEMS LEFT ON THE LOT 5 DAYS AFTER SALE WILL BECOME PROPERTY OF AIRWORKS CONSIGNMENT AUCTION LTD AND WILL RESOLD OR DISPOSED OF AT THEIR DISCRETION Check Out & Loading: All vehicles must enter the auction area from the designated location. Do not try to enter without your paid receipt or signed release, have a copy of your paid bill to check out items from the lot. Send proof of purchase with your hauler. DO NOT PICK YOUR ITEMS. PLEASE GO TO THE OFFICE AND SOMEONE WILL ASSIST YOU IN PICKING YOUR ITEMS. Assistance for loading heavy equipment is provided as a service to our buyers on Monday and Tuesday following the auction. The lot is closed on Sunday. It is our goal that your auction experience will be a pleasant one. Your understanding and compliance with the above terms will help accomplish this goal.

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